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-.TH bcacheadm 8
+.TH bcache 8
-bcacheadm \- manage bcache devices
+bcache \- manage bcache filesystems/devices
-.B bcacheadm
+.B bcache
@@ -51,61 +51,63 @@ to create the /dev/disk/by-uuid symlink.
.BR help
-List the bcacheadm commands
+List the bcache commands
-.SH Options for bcacheadm
+.SH Options for bcache
.BR \--help
.SH Options for format
+.SH Global options:
-.BR \-C
-Create a cache
+.BR \-w,\ --block=
+block size, in bytes (e.g. 4k)
-.BR \-B
-Create a backing device
+.BR \-w,\ --btree_node_size=
+btree node size in bytes - default 256k
-.BR \-b\ --bucket-size=
-Specifies the bucket size.
+.BR \--metadata_checksum_type=TYPE
-.BR \-l\ --label=
+.BR \--data_checksum_type=TYPE
+where TYPE is one of none, crc32c (default), or crc64
-.BR \-w,\ --block=
-block size (hard sector size of SSD, often 2k
+.BR \--compression_type=TYPE
+where TYPE is one of none (default), lz4 or gzip
-.BR \-t,\ --tier=
-tier of subsequent devices
+.BR \--encrypted
+Enable encryption; passphrase will be prompted for
-.BR \--cache-replacement-policy=
-one of lru, fifo, or random
+.BR \--error_action=TYPE
+where TYPE is one of continue, readonly (default) or panic
-.BR \-o,\ --data_offset=
-data offset in sectors
+.BR \-l\ --label=LABEL
+Create the filesystem with the specified label
-.BR \--cset-uuid=
-Create a cache device with the specified UUID
+.BR \--uuid=UUID
+Create the filesystem with the specified UUID
-.BR \--csum_type=
-One of none, csc32c, or csc64
+.BR \--force
+Force the filesystem to be created, even if the device already contains a
+.SH Options that apply to subsequent devices:
-.BR \--meta-replicas=
-Number of metadata replicas
+.BR \--fs_size=SIZE
+Create the filesystem using SIZE bytes on the subsequent device
-.BR \--data-replicas=
-Number of data replicas
+.BR \-b\ --bucket-size=SIZE
+Specifies the bucket size - must be greater than the btree node size
-.BR \--wipe-bcache
-Destroy existing bcache data if present
+.BR \-t,\ --tier=INDEX
+Specifies the tier of subsequent devices, where INDEX is a small integer and a
+smaller index indicates a faster tier - tier 0 being the fastest. Currently only
+two tiers are supported.
.BR \--discard
-Enable discards
-.BR \--writeback
-Enable writeback
+Enable discards on subsequent devices
.SH Options for register
@@ -117,7 +119,7 @@ Provide a directory other than /sys/fs/bcache
.SH Options for query-devs
.BR \-f,\ --force-csum
-Enables bcacheadm to going even if the superblock crc is invalid
+Enables bcache to going even if the superblock crc is invalid
.SH Options for status