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+These are the userspace tools required for bcache.
+Bcache is a patch for the Linux kernel to use SSDs to cache other block
+devices. For more information, see
+Documentation for the run time interface is included in the kernel tree, in
+Included tools:
+Formats a block device for use with bcache. A device can be formatted for use
+as a cache or as a backing device (requires yet to be implemented kernel
+support). The most important option is for specifying the bucket size.
+Allocation is done in terms of buckets, and cache hits are counted per bucket;
+thus a smaller bucket size will give better cache utilization, but poorer write
+performance. The bucket size is intended to be equal to the size of your SSD's
+erase blocks, which seems to be 128k-512k for most SSDs; feel free to
+Only necessary until support for the bcache superblock is included
+in blkid; in the meantime, provides just enough functionality for a udev script
+to create the /dev/disk/by-uuid symlink. The arguments it does support are the
+same as for blkid.