AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-08Merge pull request #4 from basak/cross-buildHEADmasterkoverstreet
2018-08-08Make pkg-config command substitutableRobie Basak
2014-12-04bcache-register: use register, not register_quietv1.0.8Gabriel
2014-12-04Replace bcache-register with c, use builtin kmodSimon Gomizelj
2014-05-10Do not compile bcache-test by defaultv1.0.7Gabriel
2014-05-10Take user-modified rules from /etcv1.0.6Nicholas Cull
2014-05-10udev: Skip floppies and cdromsGabriel
2014-05-10Correct typo in docsGabriel
2014-04-16Also accept flags with dashesGabriel
2014-04-16Accept -o for --data-offsetKillian De Volder
2014-01-26Update ignored filesGabriel
2014-01-26compile bcache-testAkira Hayakawa
2014-01-26Fix typo "Spcifies"Vladimir Rutsky
2013-10-18Update the README to mention udev and initramfs hooksv1.0.5Gabriel
2013-10-18Add a mkinitcpio hookGabriel
2013-10-16Install Dracut and initramfs-tools hooks unconditionallyGabriel
2013-10-16udev: Skip DM devices marked privatev1.0.4Gabriel
2013-10-11Simplify 69-bcache.rulesv0.9Rolf Fokkens
2013-10-07Add an INSTALL macro to the Makefilev1.0.3Rolf Fokkens
2013-10-07Add DRACUTLIBDIR to MakefileRolf Fokkens
2013-10-07Add a dracut module for bcacheRolf Fokkens
2013-10-06Move probe-bcache to UDEVLIBDIRGabriel
2013-10-05udev: Fit into the standard rule sequencev1.0.2Gabriel
2013-10-03super-show: Print labelGabriel
2013-09-27super-show: Show sync mode and cache replacement policyGabriel
2013-09-22Install the initramfs hook in /usr/share not /etcv1.0.1Gabriel
2013-09-22Use the absolute path to modprobeGabriel
2013-09-01make-bcache: Prevent stray superblocksGabriel
2013-08-26Use register_quiet for udev hookKent Overstreet
2013-07-21Don't register if a non-bcache superblock is found as wellGabriel
2013-07-17fix make-bcache to use logical_block_size, not stat.st_blocksizeLars Ellenberg
2013-07-17bcache-tools are GPLKent Overstreet
2013-06-09udev: Add /dev/bcache/by-label symlinks to cached devicesGabriel
2013-06-08udev: Persistent names for cached devicesGabriel
2013-06-07super-show: Minor manpage clarificationGabriel
2013-06-05super-show: Add a manpageGabriel
2013-05-08super-show: show detached/clean/dirty/inconsistent statusGabriel
2013-05-08super-show: print cache mode (writethrough, writeback, writearound, none)Gabriel
2013-05-08super-show: don't show cache_countGabriel
2013-05-08super-show: show more cache-related informationGabriel
2013-05-08super-show: make the version annotation more terseGabriel
2013-04-30make-bdev: print the correct offset in the default caseGabriel
2013-04-23Get blocksize from the devices if it's not specifiedKent Overstreet
2013-04-15Update data offset format and warn about the previous one.Gabriel
2013-04-12use SB_JOURNAL_BUCKETS for superblockKent Overstreet
2013-04-12Trivial build fix.Gabriel
2013-04-11Add a flag to pick the cache set uuid.Gabriel
2013-04-11Register devices with just udev.Gabriel
2013-04-11Update for new superblock version for data_offsetKent Overstreet
2013-04-09Fix option parsing so that passing --bucket_size after the device worksKent Overstreet