AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-02-07fewer workqueuesbcachefs-v0Kent Overstreet
2017-02-06Add a command to dump filesystem metadataKent Overstreet
2017-02-06update bcache code, fsck improvementsKent Overstreet
2017-02-02linux shim: return an error on failure to openKent Overstreet
2017-02-02Fix initialization order bugKent Overstreet
2017-01-20bcache in userspace; userspace fsckKent Overstreet
2016-12-11add support for maximum journal entry sizeKent Overstreet
also rip out prototype crypto support code - real code is in the dev branch, with the new superblock format
2016-10-11add dependency generation to make fileKent Overstreet
2016-10-11print filesystem size in bcache_super_print()Kent Overstreet
2016-10-06finish ripping out libnihKent Overstreet
2016-10-06bcache device_show now dumps superblocksKent Overstreet
2016-09-05bucket size must be a power of twoKent Overstreet
2016-08-30clang doesn't like nested functionsKent Overstreet
2016-08-28Documentation/makefile workKent Overstreet
2016-08-25minimum number of buckets now 1024Kent Overstreet
2016-08-25Rework option handlingKent Overstreet
2016-08-21master key nonceKent Overstreet
2016-08-17Encryption supportKent Overstreet
2016-04-25debifyKent Overstreet
2016-03-11endiannessKent Overstreet
2016-03-11bin, not sbinKent Overstreet
2016-03-11On disk format updatesKent Overstreet
2016-03-11Redo lots of stuffKent Overstreet
2015-08-28Don't install udev hook - it's confusing with bcachefsKent Overstreet
2015-08-28Fix help for --compression-typeKent Overstreet
2015-08-26Fix build error with libblkid usageMike Krinkin
2015-06-19Add support for setting data checksum type, compression typeKent Overstreet
2015-05-10add an option for writing old superblocksKent Overstreet
2015-05-10rewriteKent Overstreet
2015-03-30Better default bucket sizeKent Overstreet
2015-03-28Major refactoring, add new settings to bcacheadm formatKent Overstreet
2015-03-15Minor cleanupKent Overstreet
2015-03-15Remove autotools stuffKent Overstreet
2015-02-13bcache-tools: update for superblock changesSlava Pestov
Change-Id: I660fef1366005377041cac5d75771d2fdc8c0824
2015-02-12bcacheadm: fix capacity commandJacob Malevich
regression from 5730e47b Signed-off-by: Jacob Malevich <> Issue DAT-1977 Change-Id: I598ca9e5623fde441bb842580c2494fd03316f00
2015-02-10bcacheadm: Handle missing arg in rm-devJacob Malevich
Signed-off-by: Jacob Malevich <> Issue DAT-1978 Change-Id: Iec1252f39bb1931ec4544b56b7db24c43253b8cd
2015-02-09Add option to set btree node size, give it sane defaultKent Overstreet
Change-Id: Ic6d0a79b8a33c8c17422e0875d9e8d3fb3ef6d98
2015-02-02bcacheadm: print more info in query_devJacob Malevich
Also display the internal cacheset uuid for each dev, stored in the superblock. As well as the dev uuid stored in the struct member_info. Signed-off-by: Jacob Malevich <> Issue DAT-1913 Change-Id: Ib9815a023b0791c54ffde573fda1e9911d757c34
2015-02-02bcacheadm: add "list-cachesets --internal_uuid UUID" optionJacob Malevich
This shows the superblock set_uuid, given the user_uuid. Signed-off-by: Jacob Malevich <> Issue DAT-1913 Change-Id: If5f81427ac02bceeb609ae119f044de3fb5a0d77
2015-01-29Merge branch 'master' of ↵jenkins
ssh:// Issue DAT-
2015-01-29Merge branch 'master' of ↵jenkins
ssh:// Issue DAT-
2015-01-29Merge branch 'master' of ↵jenkins
ssh:// Issue DAT-
2015-01-29Revert "if cache_set uuid is given in format command, then put the same"Kent Overstreet
This reverts commit 38aa84d04bcd47bb832c3b7ec1e40be9d3c38c69 - previous patch fixed this correctly. Change-Id: I76436860a85223883efcdbb1f91c4ff874a9f3b0
2015-01-29Display new user_uuid instead of internal cache set uuidKent Overstreet
Change-Id: I9166876dba44de96f8e3f2da8f16728cbb57540a
2015-01-28Do not stop scanning on a cache-device link is missing sinceRaghu Krishnamurthy
it might not exists when a cache disk device is removed and further cache device might be active. Also handle the case where cache set might not be registered and the status should just believe what the super block says and not mark the disk as missing. This part of code needs optimization but that is a separate change. Issue DAT-1859 Issue DAT-1860 Change-Id: I7eb8e8ff517eae240fde30c70b3ac90aa9a50ed6
2015-01-28if cache_set uuid is given in format command, then put the sameRaghu Krishnamurthy
information in both set-uuid and user-uuid until support is added in the CLI to display user-uuid as part of query-devs and in format command to accept set_uuid and user_uuid. Issue DAT- Change-Id: I6f2306d858211933cb783f0efe8fe0ade64dd312
2015-01-27Cleanup, rip out more code, fix compiler warningsKent Overstreet
Change-Id: I76b410dc700a917d2717b1ceda0df061a1599144
2015-01-27update stop ioctlKent Overstreet
Change-Id: Ib1757baa0bcc48082cb36848b5f06da2cc401437
2015-01-21Update for bcache superblock changesKent Overstreet
Also, drop make-bcache - it's superceded by bcacheadm Change-Id: I88ee25a1c13f2cbb0b0efa6e01bdca3f069bab62
2015-01-21Merge branch 'master' of ↵jenkins
ssh:// Issue DAT-