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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2013-10-03super-show: Print labelGabriel
2013-09-27super-show: Show sync mode and cache replacement policyGabriel
2013-07-17bcache-tools are GPLKent Overstreet
2013-05-08super-show: show detached/clean/dirty/inconsistent statusGabriel
2013-05-08super-show: print cache mode (writethrough, writeback, writearound, none)Gabriel
2013-05-08super-show: don't show cache_countGabriel
This is a cache-set property, but not terribly useful. Showing it on backing devices was also incorrect.
2013-05-08super-show: show more cache-related informationGabriel
Only show nbuckets and nr_this_dev on cache devices; explain nbuckets' relation to device size by printing both total_sectors (superblock included) and cache_sectors (superblock excluded).
2013-05-08super-show: make the version annotation more terseGabriel
2013-04-15Update data offset format and warn about the previous one.Gabriel
Also update the macro to select a bdev. Also reindent.
2013-03-12Use uppercase hex when showing csum and expected.Gabriel
2013-03-10Show the writeback flag and the discard flag.Gabriel
2013-03-10Version cleanup.Gabriel
2013-03-09Fix offsets, cache and backing are two different cases.Gabriel
2013-03-09Add a command to display a bcache superblock.Gabriel