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2013-09-01make-bcache: Prevent stray superblocksGabriel
Fail if the device has any leftover superblock or partition table label. Add a --wipe-bcache flag to overwrite bcache superblocks and recommend wipefs for non-bcache superblocks. Once the device is safe to write, always zero immediately before the bcache superblock. Make sure errors go to stderr. Use pkg-config.
2013-07-17fix make-bcache to use logical_block_size, not stat.st_blocksizeLars Ellenberg
As discussed on irc yesterday. Cheers, Lars From 791a4b7b2c25e21ffeb4184da5e61f18cde86246 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Lars Ellenberg <> Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 11:49:12 +0200 Subject: [PATCH] make-bcache: fix guessing of "block_size" to use BLKSSZGET Using stat.st_blocksize is wrong: that is the linux buffer cache granularity, it is tunable, and defaults to 4k. This caused bcache to default to create devices with logical_block_size = 4k, potentially breaking otherwise healthy disk or file system images unnecessarily. e.g. some xfs image previously created with 512 byte "sector size" would, once bcache'd, refuse to mount with mount: function not implemented device supports 4096 byte sectors (not 512) We want the logical_block_size here.
2013-07-17bcache-tools are GPLKent Overstreet
2013-05-08super-show: print cache mode (writethrough, writeback, writearound, none)Gabriel
2013-04-30make-bdev: print the correct offset in the default caseGabriel
2013-04-23Get blocksize from the devices if it's not specifiedKent Overstreet
2013-04-15Update data offset format and warn about the previous one.Gabriel
Also update the macro to select a bdev. Also reindent.
2013-04-12Trivial build fix.Gabriel
2013-04-11Add a flag to pick the cache set uuid.Gabriel
2013-04-11Update for new superblock version for data_offsetKent Overstreet
2013-04-09Fix option parsing so that passing --bucket_size after the device worksKent Overstreet
This makes supporting -U more annoying; dropping that for the moment, unless someone complains
2013-03-09Fix offsets, cache and backing are two different cases.Gabriel
2012-11-21Better validation, and use O_EXCL when opening block deviceKent Overstreet
2012-08-15Change default blocksize to one sectorKent Overstreet
2012-01-18Add --discard and --cache_replacement_policyKent Overstreet
2011-09-01The --writeback switch did nothing; fixedKent Overstreet
2011-08-09Add more long options and improve usage()Kent Overstreet
2011-07-31Add a --writeback switch to make-bcacheKent Overstreet
2011-07-26Add checksum to superblockRicky Benitez
Add checksum to the superblock to prevent warning messages when registering devices.
2011-07-25Give make-bcache the ability to format multiple devices at onceKent Overstreet
2011-07-25New superblock formatKent Overstreet
2011-07-12Add an option for setting the set uuidKent Overstreet
2011-05-24Don't overwrite priorities that aren't there on a backing deviceKent Overstreet
2011-05-19Updates for backing devicesKent Overstreet
2011-04-15New superblock fields for multiple cache devicesKent Overstreet
2011-02-13StuffKent Overstreet
2010-12-16DocumentationKent Overstreet
2010-10-08UUIDsKent Overstreet
2010-07-29CleanupsKent Overstreet
2010-06-15syncKent Overstreet
2010-05-14Checksum testKent Overstreet
2010-05-08Should work on 32 bitKent Overstreet
2010-05-04Initial commitKent Overstreet