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2013-10-05udev: Fit into the standard rule sequencev1.0.2Gabriel
Move the rule to run a bit later, after the standard udev rules have called blkid. Don't run blkid manually, and run probe-bcache as a fallback which can be patched out in a package that depends on util-linux 2.24+. probe-bcache: bail if libblkid finds anything Preserve our last-resort safety check here in case earlier rules fail to call blkid.
2013-09-01make-bcache: Prevent stray superblocksGabriel
Fail if the device has any leftover superblock or partition table label. Add a --wipe-bcache flag to overwrite bcache superblocks and recommend wipefs for non-bcache superblocks. Once the device is safe to write, always zero immediately before the bcache superblock. Make sure errors go to stderr. Use pkg-config.
2013-07-17bcache-tools are GPLKent Overstreet
2010-10-08UUIDsKent Overstreet