BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
compatcheck that keys are in the correct treesKent Overstreet3 months
compat-debugbcachefs: Add a mempool for btree_trans bump allocatorKent Overstreet5 weeks
devfragmentation analysis toolKent Overstreet3 years
lordkitsunaadd missing bpos_to_textKent Overstreet12 days
masterfix for musl and non-x86 archsBrett Holman4 days
snapshotsSubvolume commandsKent Overstreet13 days
v0.1commit 6da91e81cc...Kent Overstreet3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysfix for musl and non-x86 archsHEADmasterBrett Holman
4 daysfixup! rst2man detection hangsjpsollie
4 daysadd a blk_wipe function calljpsollie
4 daysReapply compiler checksjpsollie
4 daysMakefile: detect rst2manStijn Tintel
5 daysBring back debug makefile targetKent Overstreet
12 daysUpdate bcachefs sources to 0a9be96b50 bcachefs: BSET_OFFSET()Kent Overstreet
13 daysUpdate bcachefs sources to 15178a6479 bcachefs: Update btree ptrs after every...Kent Overstreet
14 daysUpdate bcachefs sources to 787de128a5 bcachefs: Improvements to fsck check_di...Kent Overstreet
2021-07-11Update bcachefs sources to 400c2f8d96 bcachefs: Mask out unknown compat featu...Kent Overstreet