AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysUpdate bcachefs sources to 3cd63315a6 bcachefs: Track incompressible dataHEADmasterKent Overstreet
2020-01-09Don't leak ksetsKent Overstreet
2020-01-06Update bcachefs sources to d763e8ab17 bcachefs: Don't lose needs_whiteout in ...Kent Overstreet
2020-01-04Update bcachefs sources to c9eb15545d bcachefs: Don't call trans_iter_put() o...Kent Overstreet
2020-01-04Fix dump command for btree ptr key type changeKent Overstreet
2020-01-03fs_usage cmd fixesKent Overstreet
2019-12-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'elladan/master'Kent Overstreet
2019-12-29Make die exit using _exitJustin Husted
2019-12-29Update bcachefs sources to aae76fba15 bcachefs: Use KEY_TYPE_deleted whitouts...Kent Overstreet
2019-12-28Well, arm64 crashed. Turn that off for now.Justin Husted
2019-12-28bcachefs-tools: Add arm64 build on travis-ci.Justin Husted
2019-12-28Add a travis.yml file for bcachefs-tools.Justin Husted
2019-12-28bcachefs-tools: Fix test.Justin Husted
2019-12-28Update bcachefs sources to 1569db10e2 bcachefs: Use KEY_TYPE_deleted whitouts...Kent Overstreet
2019-12-28show-super now lists superblock featuresKent Overstreet
2019-12-28Update bcachefs sources to 86a99a7b7f bcachefs: Convert some enums to x-macrosKent Overstreet
2019-12-28bcachefs-tools: Add a smoke test master script.Justin Husted
2019-12-28bcachefs-tools: fix test bug in valgrind handling.Justin Husted
2019-12-28bcachefs-tools: Fix build errors.Justin Husted
2019-12-28bachefs-tools: Fix broken test code.Justin Husted
2019-12-28bcachefs-tools: Fix build break with FUSE.Justin Husted
2019-12-28Update bcachefs sources to cfb41d25c7 bcachefs: Add an assertion to track dow...Kent Overstreet
2019-12-28Make valgrind disabled by default in unit tests.Justin Husted
2019-12-27Fix bchu_fs_get_devices()Kent Overstreet
2019-12-18Redo cmd_fs_usage for new ioctlsKent Overstreet
2019-12-18Update bcachefs sources to 5d7142b75a bcachefs: Redo filesystem usage ioctlsKent Overstreet
2019-12-18Update bcachefs sources to a8faf2472b bcachefs: Update directory timestamps d...Kent Overstreet
2019-12-16Update bcachefs sources to adfbb84c7c fixup! bcachefs: Fix bch2_verify_insert...Kent Overstreet
2019-12-16Merge pull request #24 from brendon-boldt/new-install-distroskoverstreet
2019-12-16Update bcachefs sources to fbb669e9de bcachefs: Kill btree_node_iter_largeKent Overstreet
2019-12-14Clean up after failed unit tests better.Justin Husted
2019-12-14Increase stack size of userspace threads to 32k.Justin Husted
2019-12-06Add note about make clean for fuse buildBrendon Boldt
2019-12-06Add Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch info to INSTALLBrendon Boldt
2019-12-04Put valgrind support behind CONFIG_VALGRINDKent Overstreet
2019-11-28Merge commit '780de81b36'Kent Overstreet
2019-11-18Support remounting in fuse tests.Justin Husted
2019-11-18Make valgrind optional in tests.Justin Husted
2019-11-17Update bcachefs sources to d372ddcbfa bcachefs: Reorganize extents.cKent Overstreet
2019-11-11Make fuse3 support optional and document.Justin Husted
2019-11-09Update bcachefs sources to b1a4dc53be bcachefs: Set lost+found mode to 0700Kent Overstreet
2019-11-09Temporary fix for lost+found file permission.Justin Husted
2019-11-09Implement basic fuse mount tests.Justin Husted
2019-11-09Fix memory leak in fuse write.Justin Husted
2019-11-07Make userspace blkdev cleanup code more robust.Justin Husted
2019-11-07Fix refcount bug in blkdev and timer kthreads.Justin Husted
2019-11-04Use the correct clock for userspace time.Justin Husted
2019-11-04Add makefile support for tags.Justin Husted
2019-11-04Update bcachefs sources to 9e76e8d98c bcachefs: Fix uninitialized field in ha...Kent Overstreet
2019-11-03Initial version of bcachefs tests.Justin Husted