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authorJosef Bacik <>2013-09-30 14:10:43 -0400
committerJosef Bacik <>2013-10-04 16:02:09 -0400
commit60e7cd3a4ba6049ef590921e84454e6cfd9e2589 (patch)
parent94aebfb2e7d83748d882992196cb05dd39ba1807 (diff)
Btrfs: fix transid verify errors when recovering log tree
If we crash with a log, remount and recover that log, and then crash before we can commit another transaction we will get transid verify errors on the next mount. This is because we were not zero'ing out the log when we committed the transaction after recovery. This is ok as long as we commit another transaction at some point in the future, but if you abort or something else goes wrong you can end up in this weird state because the recovery stuff says that the tree log should have a generation+1 of the super generation, which won't be the case of the transaction that was started for recovery. Fix this by removing the check and _always_ zero out the log portion of the super when we commit a transaction. This fixes the transid verify issues I was seeing with my force errors tests. Thanks, Signed-off-by: Josef Bacik <>
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/fs/btrfs/transaction.c b/fs/btrfs/transaction.c
index e7a95356df83..8c81bdc1ef9b 100644
--- a/fs/btrfs/transaction.c
+++ b/fs/btrfs/transaction.c
@@ -1838,11 +1838,8 @@ int btrfs_commit_transaction(struct btrfs_trans_handle *trans,
- if (!root->fs_info->log_root_recovering) {
- btrfs_set_super_log_root(root->fs_info->super_copy, 0);
- btrfs_set_super_log_root_level(root->fs_info->super_copy, 0);
- }
+ btrfs_set_super_log_root(root->fs_info->super_copy, 0);
+ btrfs_set_super_log_root_level(root->fs_info->super_copy, 0);
memcpy(root->fs_info->super_for_commit, root->fs_info->super_copy,