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authorOliver Hartkopp <>2012-11-26 22:24:23 +0100
committerMarc Kleine-Budde <>2012-11-26 22:33:59 +0100
commit81b401100c01d2357031e874689f89bd788d13cd (patch)
parentc9faaa09e2a1335678f09c70a0d0eda095564bab (diff)
can: bcm: initialize ifindex for timeouts without previous frame reception
Set in the rx_ifindex to pass the correct interface index in the case of a message timeout detection. Usually the rx_ifindex value is set at receive time. But when no CAN frame has been received the RX_TIMEOUT notification did not contain a valid value. Cc: linux-stable <> Reported-by: Andre Naujoks <> Signed-off-by: Oliver Hartkopp <> Signed-off-by: Marc Kleine-Budde <>
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/net/can/bcm.c b/net/can/bcm.c
index 6f747582718e..969b7cdff59d 100644
--- a/net/can/bcm.c
+++ b/net/can/bcm.c
@@ -1084,6 +1084,9 @@ static int bcm_rx_setup(struct bcm_msg_head *msg_head, struct msghdr *msg,
op->sk = sk;
op->ifindex = ifindex;
+ /* ifindex for timeout events w/o previous frame reception */
+ op->rx_ifindex = ifindex;
/* initialize uninitialized (kzalloc) structure */
hrtimer_init(&op->timer, CLOCK_MONOTONIC, HRTIMER_MODE_REL);
op->timer.function = bcm_rx_timeout_handler;