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* (23 commits) [PARISC] Move os_id_to_string() inside #ifndef __ASSEMBLY__ [PARISC] Fix do_gettimeofday() hang [PARISC] Fix PCREL22F relocation problem for most modules [PARISC] Refactor show_regs in traps.c [PARISC] Add os_id_to_string helper [PARISC] OS_ID_LINUX == 0x0006 [PARISC] Ensure Space ID hashing is turned off [PARISC] Match show_cache_info with reality [PARISC] Remove unused macro fixup_branch in syscall.S [PARISC] Add is_compat_task() helper [PARISC] Update Thibaut Varene's CREDITS entry [PARISC] Reduce data footprint in pdc_stable.c [PARISC] pdc_stable version 0.30 [PARISC] Work around machines which do not support chassis warnings [PARISC] PDC_CHASSIS is implemented on all machines [PARISC] Remove unconditional #define PIC in syscall macros [PARISC] Use MFIA in current_text_addr on pa2.0 processors [PARISC] Remove dead function pc_in_user_space [PARISC] Test ioc_needs_fdc variable instead of open coding [PARISC] Fix gcc 4.1 warnings in sba_iommu.c ...
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@@ -3401,10 +3401,10 @@ S: Czech Republic
N: Thibaut Varene
P: 1024D/B7D2F063 E67C 0D43 A75E 12A5 BB1C FA2F 1E32 C3DA B7D2 F063
D: PA-RISC port minion, PDC and GSCPS2 drivers, debuglocks and other bits
-D: Some bits in an ARM port, S1D13XXX FB driver, random patches here and there
+D: Some ARM at91rm9200 bits, S1D13XXX FB driver, random patches here and there
D: AD1889 sound driver
S: Paris, France