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Merge branch 'master' of git:// into upstream-fixes
Sync with Linus' tree. This is necessary to have a base for patch that fixes commit 35b4c01e29b ("power_supply: add "powers" links to self-powered HID devices") which went in through Anton's tree.
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re-discover previously removed devices.
+What: /sys/bus/pci/devices/.../msi_irqs/
+Date: September, 2011
+Contact: Neil Horman <>
+ The /sys/devices/.../msi_irqs directory contains a variable set
+ of sub-directories, with each sub-directory being named after a
+ corresponding msi irq vector allocated to that device. Each
+ numbered sub-directory N contains attributes of that irq.
+ Note that this directory is not created for device drivers which
+ do not support msi irqs
+What: /sys/bus/pci/devices/.../msi_irqs/<N>/mode
+Date: September 2011
+Contact: Neil Horman <>
+ This attribute indicates the mode that the irq vector named by
+ the parent directory is in (msi vs. msix)
What: /sys/bus/pci/devices/.../remove
Date: January 2009
Contact: Linux PCI developers <>