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Merge branch 'for-linus' of
* 'for-linus' of (29 commits) IB/mthca: Simplify use of size0 in work request posting IB/mthca: Factor out setting WQE UD segment entries IB/mthca: Factor out setting WQE remote address and atomic segment entries IB/mlx4: Factor out setting other WQE segments IB/mlx4: Factor out setting WQE data segment entries IB/mthca: Factor out setting WQE data segment entries IB/mlx4: Return receive queue sizes for userspace QPs from query QP IB/mlx4: Increase max outstanding RDMA reads as target RDMA/cma: Remove local write permission from QP access flags IB/mthca: Use uninitialized_var() for f0 IB/cm: Make internal function cm_get_ack_delay() static IB/ipath: Remove ipath_get_user_pages_nocopy() IB/ipath: Make a few functions static mlx4_core: Reset device when internal error is detected IB/iser: Make a couple of functions static IB/mthca: Fix printk format used for firmware version in warning IB/mthca: Schedule MSI support for removal IB/ehca: Fix warnings issued by IB/ehca: Restructure ehca_set_pagebuf() IB/ehca: MR/MW structure refactoring ...
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@@ -310,3 +310,13 @@ Why: The arch/powerpc tree is the merged architecture for ppc32 and ppc64
+What: mthca driver's MSI support
+When: January 2008
+Files: drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/*.[ch]
+Why: All mthca hardware also supports MSI-X, which provides
+ strictly more functionality than MSI. So there is no point in
+ having both MSI-X and MSI support in the driver.
+Who: Roland Dreier <>