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Merge tag 'docs-4.9' of git://
Pull documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet: "This is the documentation update pull for the 4.9 merge window. The Sphinx transition is still creating a fair amount of work. Here we have a number of fixes and, importantly, a proper PDF output solution, thanks to Jani Nikula, Mauro Carvalho Chehab and Markus Heiser. I've started a couple of new books: a driver API book (based on the old device-drivers.tmpl) and a development tools book. Both are meant to show how we can integrate together our existing documentation into a more coherent and accessible whole. It involves moving some stuff around and formatting changes, but, I think, the results are worth it. The good news is that most of our existing Documentation/*.txt files are *almost* in RST format already; the amount of messing around required is minimal. And, of course, there's the usual set of updates, typo fixes, and more" * tag 'docs-4.9' of git:// (120 commits) URL changed for Linux Foundation TAB dax : Fix documentation with respect to struct pages iio: Documentation: Correct the path used to create triggers. docs: Remove space-before-label guidance from CodingStyle docs-rst: add inter-document cross references Documentation/email-clients.txt: convert it to ReST markup Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: reorder based on timestamp Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Add dates for online docs Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: get rid of broken docs Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: move in-kernel docs Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: remove more legacy references Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: add two published books Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: sort books per publication date Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: adjust LDD references Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: some improvements on the ReST output Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Consistent indenting: 4 spaces Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Add 4 paper/book references Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Improve layouting of book list Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Remove offline or outdated entries docs: Clean up bare :: lines ...
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@@ -1425,7 +1425,7 @@ $(help-board-dirs): help-%:
# Documentation targets
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
-DOC_TARGETS := xmldocs sgmldocs psdocs pdfdocs htmldocs mandocs installmandocs epubdocs cleandocs
+DOC_TARGETS := xmldocs sgmldocs psdocs latexdocs pdfdocs htmldocs mandocs installmandocs epubdocs cleandocs
$(DOC_TARGETS): scripts_basic FORCE
$(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=scripts build_docproc build_check-lc_ctype