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committerLinus Torvalds <>2016-10-14 14:26:58 -0700
commit84d69848c97faab0c25aa2667b273404d2e2a64a (patch)
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parent590abbdd273304b55824bcb9ea91840ea375575d (diff)
Merge branch 'kbuild' of git://
Pull kbuild updates from Michal Marek: - EXPORT_SYMBOL for asm source by Al Viro. This does bring a regression, because genksyms no longer generates checksums for these symbols (CONFIG_MODVERSIONS). Nick Piggin is working on a patch to fix this. Plus, we are talking about functions like strcpy(), which rarely change prototypes. - Fixes for PPC fallout of the above by Stephen Rothwell and Nick Piggin - fixdep speedup by Alexey Dobriyan. - preparatory work by Nick Piggin to allow architectures to build with -ffunction-sections, -fdata-sections and --gc-sections - CONFIG_THIN_ARCHIVES support by Stephen Rothwell - fix for filenames with colons in the initramfs source by me. * 'kbuild' of git:// (22 commits) initramfs: Escape colons in depfile ppc: there is no clear_pages to export powerpc/64: whitelist unresolved modversions CRCs kbuild: -ffunction-sections fix for archs with conflicting sections kbuild: add arch specific post-link Makefile kbuild: allow archs to select link dead code/data elimination kbuild: allow architectures to use thin archives instead of ld -r kbuild: Regenerate genksyms lexer kbuild: genksyms fix for typeof handling fixdep: faster CONFIG_ search ia64: move exports to definitions sparc32: debride memcpy.S a bit [sparc] unify 32bit and 64bit string.h sparc: move exports to definitions ppc: move exports to definitions arm: move exports to definitions s390: move exports to definitions m68k: move exports to definitions alpha: move exports to actual definitions x86: move exports to actual definitions ...
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1 files changed, 16 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index 27f97b53e6eb..fa2c3bd2aef9 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -623,6 +623,11 @@ KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-option,-fno-delete-null-pointer-checks,)
KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-disable-warning,maybe-uninitialized,)
KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-disable-warning,frame-address,)
+KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-option,-ffunction-sections,)
+KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-option,-fdata-sections,)
@@ -803,6 +808,10 @@ LDFLAGS_BUILD_ID = $(patsubst -Wl$(comma)%,%,\
+LDFLAGS_vmlinux += $(call ld-option, --gc-sections,)
LDFLAGS_vmlinux += $(call ld-option, -X,)
@@ -942,9 +951,12 @@ endif
include/generated/autoksyms.h: FORCE
$(Q)$(CONFIG_SHELL) $(srctree)/scripts/ true
-# Final link of vmlinux
- cmd_link-vmlinux = $(CONFIG_SHELL) $< $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS_vmlinux)
-quiet_cmd_link-vmlinux = LINK $@
+ARCH_POSTLINK := $(wildcard $(srctree)/arch/$(SRCARCH)/Makefile.postlink)
+# Final link of vmlinux with optional arch pass after final link
+ cmd_link-vmlinux = \
+ $(CONFIG_SHELL) $< $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS_vmlinux) ; \
+ $(if $(ARCH_POSTLINK), $(MAKE) -f $(ARCH_POSTLINK) $@, true)
vmlinux: scripts/ vmlinux_prereq $(vmlinux-deps) FORCE
+$(call if_changed,link-vmlinux)
@@ -1271,6 +1283,7 @@ $(clean-dirs):
$(Q)$(CONFIG_SHELL) $(srctree)/scripts/ clean
+ $(Q)$(if $(ARCH_POSTLINK), $(MAKE) -f $(ARCH_POSTLINK) clean)
clean: archclean vmlinuxclean