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Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://
* 'for_linus' of git:// (25 commits) em28xx: remove backward compat macro added on a previous fix V4L/DVB (9748): em28xx: fix compile warning V4L/DVB (9743): em28xx: fix oops audio V4L/DVB (9742): em28xx-alsa: implement another locking schema V4L/DVB (9732): sms1xxx: use new firmware for Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick V4L/DVB (9691): gspca: Move the video device to a separate area. V4L/DVB (9690): gspca: Lock the subdrivers via module_get/put. V4L/DVB (9689): gspca: Memory leak when disconnect while streaming. V4L/DVB (9668): em28xx: fix a race condition with hald V4L/DVB (9664): af9015: don't reconnect device in USB-bus V4L/DVB (9647): em28xx: void having two concurrent control URB's V4L/DVB (9646): em28xx: avoid allocating/dealocating memory on every control urb V4L/DVB (9645): em28xx: Avoid memory leaks if registration fails V4L/DVB (9639): Make dib0700 remote control support work with firmware v1.20 V4L/DVB (9635): v4l: s2255drv fix firmware test on big-endian V4L/DVB (9634): Make sure the i2c gate is open before powering down tuner V4L/DVB (9632): make em28xx aux audio input work V4L/DVB (9631): Make s2api work for ATSC support V4L/DVB (9627): em28xx: Avoid i2c register error for boards without eeprom V4L/DVB (9608): Fix section mismatch warning for dm1105 during make ...
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