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Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Pull single_open() leak fixes from Al Viro: "A bunch of fixes for a moderately common class of bugs: file with single_open() done by its ->open() and seq_release as its ->release(). That leaks; fortunately, it's not _too_ common (either people manage to RTFM that says "When using single_open(), the programmer should use single_release() instead of seq_release() in the file_operations structure to avoid a memory leak", or they just copy a correct instance), but grepping through the tree has caught quite a pile. All of that is, AFAICS, -stable fodder, for as far as the patches apply. I tried to carve it up into reasonably-sized pieces (more or less "comes from the same tree")" * 'for-linus' of git:// rcutrace: single_open() leaks gadget: single_open() leaks staging: single_open() leaks megaraid: single_open() leak wireless: single_open() leaks input: single_open() leak rtc: single_open() leaks ds1620: single_open() leak sh: single_open() leaks parisc: single_open() leaks mips: single_open() leaks ia64: single_open() leaks h8300: single_open() leaks cris: single_open() leaks arm: single_open() leaks
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