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parisc: add kernel stack overflow check
Add the CONFIG_DEBUG_STACKOVERFLOW config option to enable checks to detect kernel stack overflows. Stack overflows can not be detected reliable since we do not want to introduce too much overhead. Instead, during irq processing in do_cpu_irq_mask() we check kernel stack usage of the interrupted kernel process. Kernel threads can be easily detected by checking the value of space register 7 (sr7) which is zero when running inside the kernel. Since THREAD_SIZE is 16k and PAGE_SIZE is 4k, reduce the alignment of the init thread to the lower value (PAGE_SIZE) in the kernel vmlinux.ld.S linker script. Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <>
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@@ -13,3 +13,14 @@ config DEBUG_RODATA
If in doubt, say "N".
+ bool "Check for stack overflows"
+ default y
+ depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
+ ---help---
+ Say Y here if you want to check the overflows of kernel, IRQ
+ and exception stacks. This option will cause messages of the
+ stacks in detail when free stack space drops below a certain
+ limit.
+ If in doubt, say "N".