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authorPeter Zijlstra <>2010-10-14 14:01:34 +0800
committerIngo Molnar <>2010-10-18 19:58:50 +0200
commite360adbe29241a0194e10e20595360dd7b98a2b3 (patch)
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irq_work: Add generic hardirq context callbacks
Provide a mechanism that allows running code in IRQ context. It is most useful for NMI code that needs to interact with the rest of the system -- like wakeup a task to drain buffers. Perf currently has such a mechanism, so extract that and provide it as a generic feature, independent of perf so that others may also benefit. The IRQ context callback is generated through self-IPIs where possible, or on architectures like powerpc the decrementer (the built-in timer facility) is set to generate an interrupt immediately. Architectures that don't have anything like this get to do with a callback from the timer tick. These architectures can call irq_work_run() at the tail of any IRQ handlers that might enqueue such work (like the perf IRQ handler) to avoid undue latencies in processing the work. Signed-off-by: Peter Zijlstra <> Acked-by: Kyle McMartin <> Acked-by: Martin Schwidefsky <> [ various fixes ] Signed-off-by: Huang Ying <> LKML-Reference: <1287036094.7768.291.camel@yhuang-dev> Signed-off-by: Ingo Molnar <>
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diff --git a/arch/parisc/Kconfig b/arch/parisc/Kconfig
index 907417d187e1..79a04a9394d5 100644
--- a/arch/parisc/Kconfig
+++ b/arch/parisc/Kconfig
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ config PARISC
select BUG
+ select HAVE_IRQ_WORK
select GENERIC_ATOMIC64 if !64BIT
diff --git a/arch/parisc/include/asm/perf_event.h b/arch/parisc/include/asm/perf_event.h
index cc146427d8f9..1e0fd8ba6c03 100644
--- a/arch/parisc/include/asm/perf_event.h
+++ b/arch/parisc/include/asm/perf_event.h
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
-/* parisc only supports software events through this interface. */
-static inline void set_perf_event_pending(void) { }
+/* Empty, just to avoid compiling error */
#endif /* __ASM_PARISC_PERF_EVENT_H */