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[POWERPC] Small fixes & cleanups in segment page size demotion
The code for demoting segments to 4K had some issues, like for example, when using _PAGE_4K_PFN flag, the first CPU to hit it would do the demotion, but other CPUs hitting the same page wouldn't properly flush their SLBs if mmu_ci_restriction isn't set. There are also potential issues with hash_preload not handling _PAGE_4K_PFN. All of these are non issues on current hardware but might bite us in the future. This patch thus fixes it by: - Taking the test comparing the mm and current CPU context page sizes to decide to flush SLBs out of the mmu_ci_restrictions test since that can also be triggered by _PAGE_4K_PFN pages - Due to the above being done all the time, demote_segment_4k doesn't need update the context and flush the SLB - demote_segment_4k can be static and doesn't need an EXPORT_SYMBOL - Making hash_preload ignore anything that has either _PAGE_4K_PFN or _PAGE_NO_CACHE set, thus avoiding duplication of the complicated logic in hash_page() (and possibly making hash_preload a little bit faster for the normal case). Signed-off-by: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
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