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authorLinus Torvalds <>2012-03-30 16:45:38 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <>2012-03-30 16:45:39 -0700
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Merge branch 'release' of git://
Pull ACPI & Power Management changes from Len Brown: - ACPI 5.0 after-ripples, ACPICA/Linux divergence cleanup - cpuidle evolving, more ARM use - thermal sub-system evolving, ditto - assorted other PM bits Fix up conflicts in various cpuidle implementations due to ARM cpuidle cleanups (ARM at91 self-refresh and cpu idle code rewritten into "standby" in asm conflicting with the consolidation of cpuidle time keeping), trivial SH include file context conflict and RCU tracing fixes in generic code. * 'release' of git:// (77 commits) ACPI throttling: fix endian bug in acpi_read_throttling_status() Disable MCP limit exceeded messages from Intel IPS driver ACPI video: Don't start video device until its associated input device has been allocated ACPI video: Harden video bus adding. ACPI: Add support for exposing BGRT data ACPI: export acpi_kobj ACPI: Fix logic for removing mappings in 'acpi_unmap' CPER failed to handle generic error records with multiple sections ACPI: Clean redundant codes in scan.c ACPI: Fix unprotected smp_processor_id() in acpi_processor_cst_has_changed() ACPI: consistently use should_use_kmap() PNPACPI: Fix device ref leaking in acpi_pnp_match ACPI: Fix use-after-free in acpi_map_lsapic ACPI: processor_driver: add missing kfree ACPI, APEI: Fix incorrect APEI register bit width check and usage Update documentation for parameter *notrigger* in einj.txt ACPI, APEI, EINJ, new parameter to control trigger action ACPI, APEI, EINJ, limit the range of einj_param ACPI, APEI, Fix ERST header length check cpuidle: power_usage should be declared signed integer ...
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/arch/sh/kernel/cpu/shmobile/cpuidle.c b/arch/sh/kernel/cpu/shmobile/cpuidle.c
index 6d62eb40e750..1ddc876d3b26 100644
--- a/arch/sh/kernel/cpu/shmobile/cpuidle.c
+++ b/arch/sh/kernel/cpu/shmobile/cpuidle.c
@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@ static int cpuidle_sleep_enter(struct cpuidle_device *dev,
int index)
unsigned long allowed_mode = SUSP_SH_SLEEP;
- ktime_t before, after;
int requested_state = index;
int allowed_state;
int k;
@@ -47,19 +46,16 @@ static int cpuidle_sleep_enter(struct cpuidle_device *dev,
k = min_t(int, allowed_state, requested_state);
- before = ktime_get();
- after = ktime_get();
- dev->last_residency = (int)ktime_to_ns(ktime_sub(after, before)) >> 10;
return k;
static struct cpuidle_device cpuidle_dev;
static struct cpuidle_driver cpuidle_driver = {
- .name = "sh_idle",
- .owner = THIS_MODULE,
+ .name = "sh_idle",
+ .owner = THIS_MODULE,
+ .en_core_tk_irqen = 1,
void sh_mobile_setup_cpuidle(void)