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Merge git://
* git:// (62 commits) msi-laptop: depends on RFKILL msi-laptop: Detect 3G device exists by standard ec command msi-laptop: Add resume method for set the SCM load again msi-laptop: Support some MSI 3G netbook that is need load SCM msi-laptop: Add threeg sysfs file for support query 3G state by standard 66/62 ec command msi-laptop: Support standard ec 66/62 command on MSI notebook and nebook Driver core: create lock/unlock functions for struct device sysfs: fix for thinko with sysfs_bin_attr_init() sysfs: Kill unused sysfs_sb variable. sysfs: Pass super_block to sysfs_get_inode driver core: Use sysfs_rename_link in device_rename sysfs: Implement sysfs_rename_link sysfs: Pack sysfs_dirent more tightly. sysfs: Serialize updates to the vfs inode sysfs: windfarm: init sysfs attributes sysfs: Use sysfs_attr_init and sysfs_bin_attr_init on module dynamic attributes sysfs: Document sysfs_attr_init and sysfs_bin_attr_init sysfs: Use sysfs_attr_init and sysfs_bin_attr_init on dynamic attributes sysfs: Use one lockdep class per sysfs attribute. sysfs: Only take active references on attributes. ...
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