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authorDavid Woodhouse <>2008-05-29 11:01:51 +0300
committerDavid Woodhouse <>2008-07-10 14:47:34 +0100
commit88ecf814c47f577248751ddbe9626d98aeef5783 (patch)
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parentd172e7f5c67f2d41f453c7aa83d3bdb405ef8ba5 (diff)
firmware: Add firmware installation to modules_install, add firmware_install
For 'make modules_install', install any firmware required by the modules which are being installed. Also add a 'make firmware_install' target which doesn't depend on the configuration, but installs _all_ available in-kernel-tree firmware into $(INSTALL_FW_PATH), which defaults to /lib/firmware. This is intended for distributors to make arch-independent (and config-independent) packages containing firmware. Signed-off-by: David Woodhouse <>
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1 files changed, 17 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/firmware/Makefile b/firmware/Makefile
index cc25f5600d5d..3742feeb066f 100644
--- a/firmware/Makefile
+++ b/firmware/Makefile
@@ -9,13 +9,22 @@ fwabs := $(addprefix $(srctree)/,$(filter-out /%,$(fwdir)))$(filter /%,$(fwdir))
fw-external-y := $(subst ",,$(CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE))
-# If CONFIG_FIRMWARE_IN_KERNEL is not set, then don't include any firmware
-fw-shipped-y :=
+# There are three cases to care about:
+# 1. Building kernel with CONFIG_FIRMWARE_IN_KERNEL=y -- $(fw-shipped-y) should
+# include the firmware files to include, according to .config
+# 2. 'make modules_install', which will install firmware for modules, and
+# _also_ for the in-kernel drivers when CONFIG_FIRMWARE_IN_KERNEL=n
+# 3. 'make firmware_install', which installs all firmware, unconditionally.
-firmware-y := $(fw-external-y) $(fw-shipped-y)
-firmware-dirs := $(sort $(patsubst %,$(objtree)/$(obj)/%/,$(dir $(firmware-y) $(fw-shipped-))))
+# For the former two cases we want $(fw-shipped-y) and $(fw-shipped-m) to be
+# accurate. In the latter case it doesn't matter -- it'll use $(fw-shipped-all).
+# But be aware that the config file might not be included at all.
+fw-shipped-all := $(fw-shipped-y) $(fw-shipped-m) $(fw-shipped-)
+# Directories which we _might_ need to create, so we have a rule for them.
+firmware-dirs := $(sort $(patsubst %,$(objtree)/$(obj)/%/,$(dir $(fw-external-y) $(fw-shipped-all))))
quiet_cmd_mkdir = MKDIR $(patsubst $(objtree)/%,%,$@)
cmd_mkdir = mkdir -p $@
@@ -81,7 +90,8 @@ $(obj)/%: $(obj)/%.ihex | $(objtree)/$(obj)/$$(dir %)
$(call cmd,mkdir)
-obj-y := $(patsubst %,%.gen.o, $(firmware-y))
+obj-y += $(patsubst %,%.gen.o, $(fw-external-y))
+obj-$(CONFIG_FIRMWARE_IN_KERNEL) += $(patsubst %,%.gen.o, $(fw-shipped-y))
# Remove .S files and binaries created from ihex
# (during 'make clean' .config isn't included so they're all in $(fw-shipped-))