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* [DCCP]: Set RTO for newly created child socket [DCCP]: Correctly split CCID half connections [NET]: Fix compat_sock_common_getsockopt typo. [NET]: Revert incorrect accept queue backlog changes. [INET]: twcal_jiffie should be unsigned long, not int [GIANFAR]: Fix compile error in latest git [PPPOE]: Use ifindex instead of device pointer in key lookups. [NETFILTER]: ip6_route_me_harder should take into account mark [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: fix reference counting [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: fix module reference counting [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: fix possible NULL pointer dereference [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: fix NULL pointer dereference [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: fix use after free [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: fix reference leak [NETFILTER]: tcp conntrack: accept SYN|URG as valid [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack/nf_nat: fix incorrect config ifdefs [NETFILTER]: conntrack: fix {nf,ip}_ct_iterate_cleanup endless loops
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