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Merge git://
* git:// (31 commits) driver core: Display error codes when class suspend fails Driver core: Add section count to memory_block struct Driver core: Add mutex for adding/removing memory blocks Driver core: Move find_memory_block routine hpilo: Despecificate driver from iLO generation driver core: Convert link_mem_sections to use find_memory_block_hinted. driver core: Introduce find_memory_block_hinted which utilizes kset_find_obj_hinted. kobject: Introduce kset_find_obj_hinted. driver core: fix build for CONFIG_BLOCK not enabled driver-core: base: change to new flag variable sysfs: only access bin file vm_ops with the active lock sysfs: Fail bin file mmap if vma close is implemented. FW_LOADER: fix kconfig dependency warning on HOTPLUG uio: Statically allocate uio_class and use class .dev_attrs. uio: Support 2^MINOR_BITS minors uio: Cleanup irq handling. uio: Don't clear driver data uio: Fix lack of locking in init_uio_class SYSFS: Allow boot time switching between deprecated and modern sysfs layout driver core: remove CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 but keep it for block devices ...
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@@ -686,40 +686,42 @@ config MM_OWNER
- bool
bool "enable deprecated sysfs features to support old userspace tools"
depends on SYSFS
default n
- help
- This option switches the layout of sysfs to the deprecated
- version. Do not use it on recent distributions.
- The current sysfs layout features a unified device tree at
- /sys/devices/, which is able to express a hierarchy between
- class devices. If the deprecated option is set to Y, the
- unified device tree is split into a bus device tree at
- /sys/devices/ and several individual class device trees at
- /sys/class/. The class and bus devices will be connected by
- "<subsystem>:<name>" and the "device" links. The "block"
- class devices, will not show up in /sys/class/block/. Some
- subsystems will suppress the creation of some devices which
- depend on the unified device tree.
- This option is not a pure compatibility option that can
- be safely enabled on newer distributions. It will change the
- layout of sysfs to the non-extensible deprecated version,
- and disable some features, which can not be exported without
- confusing older userspace tools. Since 2007/2008 all major
- distributions do not enable this option, and ship no tools which
- depend on the deprecated layout or this option.
- If you are using a new kernel on an older distribution, or use
- older userspace tools, you might need to say Y here. Do not say Y,
- if the original kernel, that came with your distribution, has
- this option set to N.
+ help
+ This option adds code that switches the layout of the "block" class
+ devices, to not show up in /sys/class/block/, but only in
+ /sys/block/.
+ This switch is only active when the sysfs.deprecated=1 boot option is
+ passed or the SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 option is set.
+ This option allows new kernels to run on old distributions and tools,
+ which might get confused by /sys/class/block/. Since 2007/2008 all
+ major distributions and tools handle this just fine.
+ Recent distributions and userspace tools after 2009/2010 depend on
+ the existence of /sys/class/block/, and will not work with this
+ option enabled.
+ Only if you are using a new kernel on an old distribution, you might
+ need to say Y here.
+ bool "enabled deprecated sysfs features by default"
+ default n
+ depends on SYSFS
+ help
+ Enable deprecated sysfs by default.
+ See the CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED option for more details about this
+ option.
+ Only if you are using a new kernel on an old distribution, you might
+ need to say Y here. Even then, odds are you would not need it
+ enabled, you can always pass the boot option if absolutely necessary.
config RELAY
bool "Kernel->user space relay support (formerly relayfs)"