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authorEric Paris <>2009-06-11 14:31:36 -0400
committerAl Viro <>2009-06-23 23:50:59 -0400
commitcfcad62c74abfef83762dc05a556d21bdf3980a2 (patch)
treed253dbf8dfa4d31379dcd886cc1b41c69921acdd /kernel/audit.h
parentea7ae60bfe39aeedfb29571c47280bf0067ee5f3 (diff)
audit: seperate audit inode watches into a subfile
In preparation for converting audit to use fsnotify instead of inotify we seperate the inode watching code into it's own file. This is similar to how the audit tree watching code is already seperated into audit_tree.c Signed-off-by: Eric Paris <>
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1 files changed, 20 insertions, 19 deletions
diff --git a/kernel/audit.h b/kernel/audit.h
index 16f18cac661b..704d5b01d9fd 100644
--- a/kernel/audit.h
+++ b/kernel/audit.h
@@ -53,18 +53,7 @@ enum audit_state {
/* Rule lists */
-struct audit_parent;
-struct audit_watch {
- atomic_t count; /* reference count */
- char *path; /* insertion path */
- dev_t dev; /* associated superblock device */
- unsigned long ino; /* associated inode number */
- struct audit_parent *parent; /* associated parent */
- struct list_head wlist; /* entry in parent->watches list */
- struct list_head rules; /* associated rules */
+struct audit_watch;
struct audit_tree;
struct audit_chunk;
@@ -108,19 +97,31 @@ struct audit_netlink_list {
int audit_send_list(void *);
-struct inotify_watch;
-/* Inotify handle */
-extern struct inotify_handle *audit_ih;
-extern void audit_free_parent(struct inotify_watch *);
-extern void audit_handle_ievent(struct inotify_watch *, u32, u32, u32,
- const char *, struct inode *);
extern int selinux_audit_rule_update(void);
extern struct mutex audit_filter_mutex;
extern void audit_free_rule_rcu(struct rcu_head *);
extern struct list_head audit_filter_list[];
+/* audit watch functions */
+extern unsigned long audit_watch_inode(struct audit_watch *watch);
+extern dev_t audit_watch_dev(struct audit_watch *watch);
+extern void audit_put_watch(struct audit_watch *watch);
+extern void audit_get_watch(struct audit_watch *watch);
+extern int audit_to_watch(struct audit_krule *krule, char *path, int len, u32 op);
+extern int audit_get_nd(char *path, struct nameidata **ndp, struct nameidata **ndw);
+extern void audit_put_nd(struct nameidata *ndp, struct nameidata *ndw);
+extern int audit_add_watch(struct audit_krule *krule, struct nameidata *ndp,
+ struct nameidata *ndw);
+extern void audit_remove_watch(struct audit_watch *watch);
+extern void audit_remove_watch_rule(struct audit_krule *krule, struct list_head *list);
+extern void audit_inotify_unregister(struct list_head *in_list);
+extern char *audit_watch_path(struct audit_watch *watch);
+extern struct list_head *audit_watch_rules(struct audit_watch *watch);
+extern struct audit_entry *audit_dupe_rule(struct audit_krule *old,
+ struct audit_watch *watch);
extern struct audit_chunk *audit_tree_lookup(const struct inode *);
extern void audit_put_chunk(struct audit_chunk *);