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@@ -222,12 +222,24 @@ config ACPI_INT3403_THERMAL
the Intel Thermal Daemon can use this information to allow the user
to select his laptop to run without turning on the fans.
+ tristate "Intel SoCs DTS thermal driver"
+ depends on X86 && IOSF_MBI
+ help
+ Enable this to register Intel SoCs (e.g. Bay Trail) platform digital
+ temperature sensor (DTS). These SoCs have two additional DTSs in
+ addition to DTSs on CPU cores. Each DTS will be registered as a
+ thermal zone. There are two trip points. One of the trip point can
+ be set by user mode programs to get notifications via Linux thermal
+ notification methods.The other trip is a critical trip point, which
+ was set by the driver based on the TJ MAX temperature.
menu "Texas Instruments thermal drivers"
source "drivers/thermal/ti-soc-thermal/Kconfig"
menu "Samsung thermal drivers"
-depends on PLAT_SAMSUNG
+depends on ARCH_EXYNOS
source "drivers/thermal/samsung/Kconfig"