AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
22 hoursbcache: fix a lost wakeupbcache-devKent Overstreet
22 hoursbcachefs: fs-gc, fsck improvementsKent Overstreet
22 hoursbcache: fix bch_btree_iter_advance_pos()Kent Overstreet
22 hoursgenradix: add an iteratorKent Overstreet
22 hoursgenradix: fix genradix_ptr()Kent Overstreet
22 hoursbcachefs: update i_nlink synchronouslyKent Overstreet
22 hoursbcache: add flag to superblock indicating if we shutdown cleanlyKent Overstreet
26 hoursbcache: fix ordering of index updates after unclean shutdownKent Overstreet
3 daysbcache: fix an ordering issue in btree_interior_update codeKent Overstreet
5 daysbcache: add bch_journal_pin_add_if_older()Kent Overstreet
5 daysbcachefs: Slightly improved writeback ratelimitingKent Overstreet
5 daysmm: Real pagecache iteratorsKent Overstreet
5 daysmm: Refactor find_get_pages() & friendsKent Overstreet
5 daysRevert "bcache: fix 64 bit crc truncation"Kent Overstreet
6 daysbcachefs: hacky writeback ratelimitingKent Overstreet
6 daysbcache: make bkey_unpack() a bit fasterKent Overstreet
7 daysbcache: fix sha1 usageKent Overstreet
8 daysbcache: Fix a use after free in the gzip codeKent Overstreet
9 daysbcache: fix 64 bit crc truncationKent Overstreet
9 daysbcache: more error messages in fs-gcKent Overstreet
12 daysbcache: improve compression memory allocationKent Overstreet
12 daysbcache: use __GFP_NOWARN for __bounce_alloc()Kent Overstreet
13 daysbcache: new extent csum accessorsKent Overstreet
2016-09-09bcache: write superblock with FUAKent Overstreet
2016-09-09bcache: Add a mount option to skip fsck during mountKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: bch_write_op_init() cleanupsKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: don't migrate same extent twice in same passKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: hack to deal with multiple promote operations racingKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: fix tiering ratelimitingKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: convert promote to new migrate pathKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: replace bch_extent_cmpxchg() for migrateKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: fix copygc + replicationKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: plumb nr_replicas through disk_reservationsKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: fix extent_sort_ptrs()Kent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: refactor some extent crc code a bitKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: don't walk nodes without pointers unnecessarily in gcKent Overstreet
2016-09-08bcache: add printks for different phases of recoveryKent Overstreet
2016-09-07bcache: fix lost wakeup in allocation codeKent Overstreet
2016-09-06bcache: fix validate_cache_super() callKent Overstreet
2016-08-27bcache: bch_extent refactoringKent Overstreet
2016-08-27bcache: move type_is() to util.hKent Overstreet
2016-08-27bcache: fix some issues with journal seq blacklistingKent Overstreet
2016-08-27bcache: rename async_split -> btree_interior_updateKent Overstreet
2016-08-26bcache: delete an incorrect assertionKent Overstreet
2016-08-25bcache: select COMPACTION if bcache is enabledKent Overstreet
2016-08-23bcache: fix missing unlock in error pathKent Overstreet
2016-08-16bcache: refactor some superblock codeKent Overstreet
2016-08-16bcache: fix a journal assertionKent Overstreet
2016-08-16bcache: fifo improvementsKent Overstreet
2016-08-11bcache: verify k->format when reading in btree nodesKent Overstreet