AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysbcache: cleanups for building in userspacebcache-devKent Overstreet
9 daysbcache: add an assertionKent Overstreet
9 daysbcache: don't leak uninitialized memoryKent Overstreet
13 dayslglock: add a proper lg_lock_init()Kent Overstreet
2016-12-23bcache: avoid a deadlock when there's corrupt/duplicate journal entriesKent Overstreet
2016-12-23bcache: fix run_cache_set error handlingKent Overstreet
2016-12-23bcache: Check for duplicate journal entriesKent Overstreet
2016-12-21bcache: Make sure we empty out journal on clean shutdownKent Overstreet
2016-12-21bcache: convert journal code to fsck_err()Kent Overstreet
2016-12-21bcache: fix a lost wakeup in the journal codeKent Overstreet
2016-12-21bcache: fixups for "short circuit bch_prio_write() and journal flush when pos...Kent Overstreet
2016-12-19bcache: a bit more journal validation fixupKent Overstreet
2016-12-19bcache: don't zero out res->seq in journal_res_put()Kent Overstreet
2016-12-19bcache: initialize new journal entries with correct sequence numberKent Overstreet
2016-12-19bcache: fix a bug when initializing a new filesystemKent Overstreet
2016-12-18bcache: fall back to vmalloc() for allocating entries in journal replayKent Overstreet
2016-12-18bcache: a bit more journal validationKent Overstreet
2016-12-17bcache: fix an integer overflow in journal compaction codebcachefs-performanceKent Overstreet
2016-12-14bcache: check kthread_should_stop() in read_tiering() more oftenKent Overstreet
2016-12-14bcache: add a BUG_ON() to track down journal corruption bugKent Overstreet
2016-12-14bcache: better journal validationKent Overstreet
2016-12-12bcache: don't flush journal unnecessarilyKent Overstreet
2016-12-12bcache: short circuit bch_prio_write() and journal flush when possibleKent Overstreet
2016-12-12bcache: add field to superblock for maximum journal entry sizeKent Overstreet
2016-12-12block: add sysfs entry for fua supportKent Overstreet
2016-12-12bcache: Refactor write path to not split bios unnecessarilyKent Overstreet
2016-12-11lz4: return amount of data we were able to compress on failureKent Overstreet
2016-12-11bcache: stash journal entry sequence number in struct journal_resKent Overstreet
2016-12-11bcache: cancel journal write timer when doing journal writeKent Overstreet
2016-12-11bcache: fix journal bug with prio_bucketsKent Overstreet
2016-12-09bcachefs: fix find_get_entry() usageKent Overstreet
2016-12-09bcache: increase default journal write delay for spinning rustKent Overstreet
2016-12-08bcache: factor out eytzinger.hKent Overstreet
2016-12-07bcache: fix bad shifts in inorder_to_tree()Kent Overstreet
2016-12-07bcache: fix hash usage for journal has_inode hashKent Overstreet
2016-12-07bcache: fix uninitialized fieldKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: rw aux search tree improvementKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: bkey_unpack_pos()Kent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: add end_offset to struct bset_treeKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: drop a comparison in bset_search_tree()Kent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: squish struct btree some moreKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: kill struct btree_keysKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: larger bfloats for base of aux search treeKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: kill bset_tree->prev_offsetKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: squish struct btree some moreKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: use a single buffer for btree node aux treesKent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: uninline bkey_cmp_left_packed()Kent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: more aux search tree microoptimizationsKent Overstreet
2016-12-06Revert "bcache: Optimization for aux search tree slowpath"Kent Overstreet
2016-12-06bcache: prefetch btree root in bch_btree_iter_init()Kent Overstreet