AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-09-21[PATCH] README update from the stone agePaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-09-21[PATCH] fix locking comment in unmap_region()Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-09-21[PATCH] Fix I2O config-osm init to return proper errorDeepak Saxena
2005-09-21[PATCH] ppc64: Build zImage.vmode for G5Benjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-09-21[PATCH] remove blkdev_scsi_issue_flush_fn againChristoph Hellwig
2005-09-21[PATCH] ppc64: Fix issue with non zero boot cpuAnton Blanchard
2005-09-21[PATCH] cciss: busy_initializing bug fixMike Miller
2005-09-21[PATCH] PPC64: Fix boot for some pre-POWER4 systemsOlof Johansson
2005-09-21[PATCH] Add printk_clock()Andrew Morton
2005-09-21[PATCH] Fix invisible threads problemSripathi Kodi
2005-09-21[PATCH] ppc64: Fix PCI flags when using OF device treePaul Mackerras
2005-09-21Merge Torvalds
2005-09-21Merge Torvalds
2005-09-21[SPARC] cs4231: Fix SBUS support in this driver.Christopher Zimmermann
2005-09-21[ATYFB]: Fix build with CONFIG_FB_ATY_GENERIC_LCD disabled.Tom 'spot' Callaway
2005-09-21[TCP]: Set default congestion control correctly for incoming connections.Stephen Hemminger
2005-09-21[FIB_TRIE]: message cleanupStephen Hemminger
2005-09-21[AF_PACKET]: Allow for > 8 byte hardware addresses.Eric W. Biederman
2005-09-20Merge Torvalds
2005-09-20[PATCH] fbdev: Fix reversed back and front porchesAntonino A. Daplas
2005-09-20[PATCH] nvidiafb: Fix absence of cursor in nvidiafbAntonino A. Daplas
2005-09-20[SPARC64]: Verify vmalloc TLB misses more strictly.David S. Miller
2005-09-20[PATCH] IB/mthca: Fix device removal memory leakMichael S. Tsirkin
2005-09-20[PATCH] IPoIB: Don't flush workqueue from within workqueueRoland Dreier
2005-09-20Merge Torvalds
2005-09-20Merge Torvalds
2005-09-20NTFS: More runlist handling fixes from Richard Russon and myself.Anton Altaparmakov
2005-09-19[SPARC64]: Move DCACHE_ALIASING_POSSIBLE define to asm/page.hDavid S. Miller
2005-09-19Linux v2.6.14-rc2v2.6.14-rc2Linus Torvalds
2005-09-19[BYTEORDER]: Document alignment and byteorder macrosEd L. Cashin
2005-09-19[SPARC64]: Handle little-endian unaligned loads/stores correctly.David S. Miller
2005-09-19Make fsnotify possibly work better for the inode removal caseLinus Torvalds
2005-09-19Merge Torvalds
2005-09-19[PATCH] raw_sendmsg DoS on 2.6Mark J Cox
2005-09-19[TCP]: Handle SACK'd packets properly in tcp_fragment().Herbert Xu
2005-09-19[8021Q]: Add endian annotations.Alexey Dobriyan
2005-09-19[WAN] hdlc_cisco: Fix regression introduced by skb->tail changes.Krzysztof Halasa
2005-09-19[NETFILTER]: Export ip_nat_port_{nfattr_to_range,range_to_nfattr}Harald Welte
2005-09-19[NETFILTER]: Rename misnamed functionPatrick McHardy
2005-09-19[NETFILTER] ip6tables: remove duplicate codeYasuyuki Kozakai
2005-09-19[NETFILTER]: Add new PPTP conntrack and NAT helperHarald Welte
2005-09-19[IPV4]: fib_trie RCU refinementsRobert Olsson
2005-09-19[IPV4]: fib_trie tnode stats refinementsRobert Olsson
2005-09-19[PATCH] IB: Fix data length for RMPP SA sendsHal Rosenstock
2005-09-19[SCSI] zfcp: add additional fc_host attributesAndreas Herrmann
2005-09-19[SCSI] zfcp: provide support for NPIVMaxim Shchetynin
2005-09-19[SCSI] zfcp: enhancement of zfcp debug featuresMaxim Shchetynin
2005-09-19[SCSI] zfcp: shorten eh_bus_reset and eh_host_reset handlersAndreas Herrmann
2005-09-19[SCSI] zfcp: remove function zfcp_fsf_req_wait_and_cleanupAndreas Herrmann
2005-09-19[SCSI] zfcp: remove union zfcp_req_data, use unit refcount for FCP commandsAndreas Herrmann