AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-12-31KVM: Advertise the bug in memory region destruction as fixedAvi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: use cpumask_var_t for cpus_hardware_enabledRusty Russell
2008-12-31KVM: use modern cpumask primitives, no cpumask_t on stackRusty Russell
2008-12-31KVM: Extract core of kvm_flush_remote_tlbs/kvm_reload_remote_mmusRusty Russell
2008-12-31KVM: set owner of cpu and vm file operationsChristian Borntraeger
2008-12-31anon_inodes: use fops->owner for module refcountChristian Borntraeger
2008-12-31x86: KVM guest: kvm_get_tsc_khz: return khz, not lpjEduardo Habkost
2008-12-31KVM: MMU: prepopulate the shadow on invlpgMarcelo Tosatti
2008-12-31KVM: MMU: skip global pgtables on sync due to cr3 switchMarcelo Tosatti
2008-12-31KVM: MMU: collapse remote TLB flushes on root syncMarcelo Tosatti
2008-12-31KVM: MMU: use page array in unsync walkMarcelo Tosatti
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: Fix handling of VMMCALL instructionAmit Shah
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: add the emulation of shld and shrd instructionsGuillaume Thouvenin
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: add the assembler code for three operandsGuillaume Thouvenin
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: add a new "implied 1" Src decode typeGuillaume Thouvenin
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: add Src2 decode setGuillaume Thouvenin
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: Extend the opcode descriptorGuillaume Thouvenin
2008-12-31KVM: Really remove a slot when a user ask us soGlauber Costa
2008-12-31KVM: ppc: mostly cosmetic updates to the exit timing accounting codeHollis Blanchard
2008-12-31KVM: ppc: Implement in-kernel exit timing statisticsHollis Blanchard
2008-12-31KVM: ppc: save and restore guest mappings on context switchHollis Blanchard
2008-12-31KVM: ppc: directly insert shadow mappings into the hardware TLBHollis Blanchard
2008-12-31powerpc/44x: declare tlb_44x_index for use in C codeHollis Blanchard
2008-12-31KVM: ppc: support large host pagesHollis Blanchard
2008-12-31KVM: split out kvm_free_assigned_irq()Mark McLoughlin
2008-12-31KVM: add KVM_USERSPACE_IRQ_SOURCE_ID assertionsMark McLoughlin
2008-12-31KVM: don't free an unallocated irq source idMark McLoughlin
2008-12-31KVM: make kvm_unregister_irq_ack_notifier() safeMark McLoughlin
2008-12-31KVM: remove the IRQ ACK notifier assertionsMark McLoughlin
2008-12-31KVM: VMX: fix sparse warningHannes Eder
2008-12-31KVM: fix sparse warningHannes Eder
2008-12-31KVM: Remove extraneous semicolon after do/whileAvi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: fix popf emulationAvi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: fix ret emulationAvi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: switch 'pop reg' instruction to emulate_pop()Avi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: allow pop from mmioAvi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: Extract 'pop' sequence into a functionAvi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: Prevent trace call into unloaded module textWu Fengguang
2008-12-31KVM: s390: Fix memory leak of vcpu->runChristian Borntraeger
2008-12-31KVM: s390: Fix refcounting and allow module unloadChristian Borntraeger
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: consolidate emulation of two operand instructionsAvi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: x86 emulator: reduce duplication in one operand emulation thunksAvi Kivity
2008-12-31KVM: MMU: optimize set_spte for page syncMarcelo Tosatti
2008-12-31KVM: MSI to INTx translateSheng Yang
2008-12-31KVM: Enable MSI for device assignmentSheng Yang
2008-12-31KVM: Add assigned_device_msi_dispatch()Sheng Yang
2008-12-31KVM: Export ioapic_get_delivery_bitmaskSheng Yang
2008-12-31KVM: Add fields for MSI device assignmentSheng Yang
2008-12-31KVM: Clean up assigned_device_update_irqSheng Yang
2008-12-31KVM: Replace irq_requested with more generic irq_requested_typeSheng Yang