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2007-02-20[PATCH] update Doc/oops-tracing.txt for TAINT_USERRandy Dunlap
2007-02-20[PATCH] fs: fix libfs data leakNick Piggin
2007-02-20[PATCH] PPC64 Kdump documentation updateSimon Horman
2007-02-19Merge branch 'hwmon-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2007-02-19Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2007-02-19Merge git:// Torvalds
2007-02-19Merge branch 'kill-jffs' of Torvalds
2007-02-19Merge branch 'acpi' of Torvalds
2007-02-19Merge branch 'for-linus' of Torvalds
2007-02-19Merge git:// Torvalds
2007-02-19Merge Torvalds
2007-02-189p: implement optional loose read cacheEric Van Hensbergen
2007-02-17Remove JFFS (version 1), as scheduled.Jeff Garzik
2007-02-17Documentation/kernel-docs.txt update.James Nelson
2007-02-17kbuild: more doc. cleanupsRandy Dunlap
2007-02-17doc: make doc. for maxcpus= more visibleRandy Dunlap
2007-02-17trivial documentation patch for platform.txtErik Hovland
2007-02-17Fix typos concerning hierarchyUwe Kleine-K├Ânig
2007-02-17Various typo fixes.Robert P. J. Day
2007-02-16Pull remove-hotkey into release branchLen Brown
2007-02-16Pull sony into release branchLen Brown
2007-02-16ACPI: hotkey: remove driver, per feature-removal-schedule.txtLen Brown
2007-02-16PCI: Make CARDBUS_MEM_SIZE and CARDBUS_IO_SIZE boot optionsAtsushi Nemoto
2007-02-16PCI: pci.txt fix __devexit() usageGrant Grundler
2007-02-17[POWERPC] powerpc: remove references to the obsolete linux,platform propertyStuart Yoder
2007-02-16[PATCH] libata: ACPI and _GTF supportKristen Carlson Accardi
2007-02-16[PATCH] Add debugging feature /proc/timer_statIngo Molnar
2007-02-16[PATCH] hrtimers: add high resolution timer supportThomas Gleixner
2007-02-16[PATCH] tick-management: dyntick / highres functionalityThomas Gleixner
2007-02-16[PATCH] hrtimers: move and add documentationThomas Gleixner
2007-02-16[PATCH] GPIO core documentationDavid Brownell
2007-02-16[POWERPC] Delete boot-cpu property from all DTS filesTimur Tabi
2007-02-14hwmon/w83627ehf: Add support for the W83627DHG chipDavid Hubbard
2007-02-14hwmon/it87: Add PWM base frequency controlJean Delvare
2007-02-14Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2007-02-14[ARM] 4181/1: S3C24XX: Document new layoutBen Dooks
2007-02-14[ARM] 4180/1: S3C24XX: Update docs for S3C2412 and S3C2413Ben Dooks
2007-02-14[ARM] 4177/1: S3C24XX: Add DMA channel allocation orderBen Dooks
2007-02-13Merge Torvalds
2007-02-13i2c-parport: Add support for One For All remote JP1 interfaceJonathan McDowell
2007-02-13i2c-viapro: Add support for the VIA CX700 south bridgeJean Delvare
2007-02-13i2c: Add driver suspend/resume/shutdown supportDavid Brownell
2007-02-13i2c-i801: Document the SMBus unhiding quirkJean Delvare
2007-02-13i2c: Fix typo in SMBus Write Word Data descriptionMike Frysinger
2007-02-13i2c-piix4: Add support for the ATI SB600Jean Delvare
2007-02-13[PATCH] i386: add option to show more code in oops reportsChuck Ebbert
2007-02-13[PATCH] x86-64: Allow to run a program when a machine check event is detectedAndi Kleen
2007-02-13[PATCH] x86-64: cleanup Doc/x86_64/ filesRandy Dunlap
2007-02-13[PATCH] x86-64: improved iommu documentationKarsten Weiss
2007-02-13sony-laptop: Update docsMattia Dongili