path: root/arch/mips/alchemy/devboards/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: one kernel for DB1000/DB1500/DB1100Manuel Lauss
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Merge PB1200 support into DB1200 code.Manuel Lauss
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: merge devboard code into single per-board files.Manuel Lauss
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Improved DB1550 support, with audio and serial busses.Manuel Lauss
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Basic support for the DB1300 board.Manuel Lauss
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Drop MIRAGE/BOSPORUS board supportManuel Lauss
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: remove PB1000 supportManuel Lauss
2010-08-05MIPS: Move Alchemy Makefile parts to their own Platform file.Manuel Lauss
2010-02-27MIPS: Alchemy: Extended DB1200 board support.Manuel Lauss
2010-02-27MIPS: Alchemy: Turn on -Werror for devboards and xss1500Florian Fainelli
2010-02-27MIPS: Alchemy: devboards: wire up new PCMCIA driver.Manuel Lauss
2010-02-27MIPS: Alchemy: devboard register abstractionManuel Lauss
2009-01-11MIPS: Alchemy: new userspace suspend interface for development boards.Manuel Lauss
2009-01-11MIPS: Alchemy: devboards: consolidate filesManuel Lauss
2009-01-11MIPS: Alchemy: Move development board code to common subdirectoryManuel Lauss