path: root/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/perf_event.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-01perf/x86: Add support for PEBS Precise StoreStephane Eranian
2013-04-01perf/x86: Add memory profiling via PEBS Load LatencyStephane Eranian
2013-04-01perf/x86: Add flags to event constraintsStephane Eranian
2013-03-26perf/x86: Improve sysfs event mapping with event stringStephane Eranian
2013-03-26perf/x86: Support CPU specific sysfs eventsAndi Kleen
2013-02-06perf/x86: Allow for architecture specific RDPMC indexesJacob Shin
2013-02-06perf/x86: Move MSR address offset calculation to architecture specific filesJacob Shin
2012-10-24perf/x86: Add hardware events translations for Intel P6 cpusJiri Olsa
2012-10-24perf/x86: Add hardware events translations for AMD cpusJiri Olsa
2012-10-24perf/x86: Add hardware events translations for Intel cpusJiri Olsa
2012-10-24perf/x86: Make hardware event translations available in sysfsJiri Olsa
2012-10-04perf/x86: Add support for Intel Xeon-Phi Knights Corner PMUVince Weaver
2012-09-19perf/x86: Fix Intel Ivy Bridge supportStephane Eranian
2012-07-31perf/x86: Fix USER/KERNEL tagging of samples properlyPeter Zijlstra
2012-07-26perf/x86: Make bitfield unsignedPeter Zijlstra
2012-07-05perf/x86: Save a few bytes in 'struct x86_pmu'Peter Zijlstra
2012-07-05perf/x86: Add a microcode revision check for SNB-PEBSPeter Zijlstra
2012-06-18perf: Export perf_assign_events()Yan, Zheng
2012-06-06perf/x86: Don't assume there can be only 4 PEBS eventsAndi Kleen
2012-06-06perf/x86: Fix wrmsrl() debug wrapperPeter Zijlstra
2012-06-06perf/x86: Implement cycles:p for SNB/IVBPeter Zijlstra
2012-06-06perf/x86: Fix Intel shared extra MSR allocationPeter Zijlstra
2012-03-16perf: Adding sysfs group format attribute for pmu deviceJiri Olsa
2012-03-12Merge branch 'perf/hw-branch-sampling' into perf/coreIngo Molnar
2012-03-12perf/x86: Prettify pmu config literalsPeter Zijlstra
2012-03-05perf: Add callback to flush branch_stack on context switchStephane Eranian
2012-03-05perf/x86: Add LBR software filter support for Intel CPUsStephane Eranian
2012-03-05perf/x86: Implement PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH for Intel CPUsStephane Eranian
2012-03-05perf/x86: Add Intel LBR mappings for PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH filtersStephane Eranian
2012-03-05perf/x86: Add Intel LBR sharing logicStephane Eranian
2012-03-05Merge branch 'perf/urgent' into perf/coreIngo Molnar
2012-03-02perf/x86/kvm: Fix Host-Only/Guest-Only counting with SVM disabledJoerg Roedel
2011-12-21perf, x86: Provide means for disabling userspace RDPMCPeter Zijlstra
2011-12-06perf, x86: Implement arch event mask as quirkPeter Zijlstra
2011-12-06x86, perf: Disable non available architectural eventsGleb Natapov
2011-12-06perf, x86: Fix event scheduler for constraints with overlapping countersRobert Richter
2011-10-10perf, intel: Use GO/HO bits in perf-ctrGleb Natapov
2011-09-26x86, perf: Clean up perf_event cpu codeKevin Winchester