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2006-10-30[MIPS] JMR3927: Fixup another victim of the irq pt_regs cleanup.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] EMMA 2 / Markeins: struct resource takes physical addresses.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] EMMA 2 / Markeins: Convert to name struct resource initialization.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] EMMA 2 / Markeins: Formitting fixes split from actual address fixes.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] EMMA 2 / Markeins: Fix build wreckage due to genirq wreckage.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] Ocelot G: Fix build error and numerous warnings.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] Fix return value of TXX9 SPI interrupt handlerYoichi Yuasa
2006-10-30[MIPS] Au1000: Fix warning about unused variable.Yoichi Yuasa
2006-10-30[MIPS] Wire up getcpu(2) and epoll_wait(2) syscalls.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] Make SB1 cache flushes not to use on_each_cpuManish Lachwani
2006-10-30[MIPS] Fix warning about unused definition in c-sb1.cYoichi Yuasa
2006-10-30[MIPS] SMTC: Make 8 the default number of processors.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] Oprofile: Fix MIPSxx counter number detection.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[MIPS] Au1xx0 code sets incorrect mips_hpt_frequencySergei Shtylyov
2006-10-30[MIPS] Oprofile: fix on non-VSMP / non-SMTC SMP configurations.Ralf Baechle
2006-10-30[PATCH] fix i386 regparm=3 RT signal handlers on x86_64Albert Cahalan
2006-10-30[PATCH] APM: URL of APM 1.2 specs has changedKristian Mueller
2006-10-30[PATCH] uml: fix compilation options for
2006-10-30[PATCH] Fix "Remove the use of _syscallX macros in UML"Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2006-10-30[PATCH] cryptocop: double spin_lock_irqsave()Alexey Dobriyan
2006-10-29Merge Torvalds
2006-10-29[ARM] 3914/1: [Jornada7xx] - Typo Fix in cpu-sa1110.c (b != B)Kristoffer Ericson
2006-10-29[PATCH] m68k: consolidate initcall sectionsGeert Uytterhoeven
2006-10-29[ARM] 3913/1: n2100: fix IRQ routing for second ethernet portLennert Buytenhek
2006-10-29[ARM] Add KBUILD_IMAGE target supportRussell King
2006-10-28Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2006-10-28[PATCH] visws build fixAndrey Panin
2006-10-28[PATCH] fix efi_memory_present_wrapper()bibo,mao
2006-10-28[ARM] 3900/1: Fix VFP Division by Zero exception handling.Takashi Ohmasa
2006-10-28[ARM] 3899/1: Fix the normalization of the denormal double precision number.Takashi Ohmasa
2006-10-28[ARM] Add realview SMP default configurationRussell King
2006-10-28[ARM] Fix SMP irqflags supportRussell King
2006-10-27Merge Torvalds
2006-10-27Merge Torvalds
2006-10-27[PATCH] consolidate initcall sectionsAndrew Morton
2006-10-27PCI: x86-64: mmconfig missing printk levelsDave Jones
2006-10-27PCI: fix pci_fixup_video as it blows up on sparc64Eiichiro Oiwa
2006-10-27[S390] uaccess error handling.Heiko Carstens
2006-10-27[S390] Initialize interval value to 0.Gerald Schaefer
2006-10-27[S390] sys_getcpu compat wrapper.Paul Mundt
2006-10-27[SPARC]: Fix bus_id[] string overflow.David S. Miller
2006-10-25[SPARC64]: Fix memory corruption in pci_4u_free_consistent().David S. Miller
2006-10-25[SPARC64]: Fix central/FHC bus handling on Ex000 systems.David S. Miller
2006-10-25[PATCH] AVR32: Update defconfigHaavard Skinnemoen
2006-10-25[PATCH] AVR32: Use __raw MMIO access for internal peripheralsHaavard Skinnemoen
2006-10-25[PATCH] AVR32: Implement and export __raw_{read,write}s[bwl]Haavard Skinnemoen
2006-10-25[PATCH] AVR32: Don't try to iounmap P2 segment addressesHaavard Skinnemoen
2006-10-25[PATCH] AVR32: Silence some compile warningsHaavard Skinnemoen
2006-10-25[PATCH] AVR32: Minor Makefile cleanupHaavard Skinnemoen
2006-10-25Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds