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2006-12-22[PATCH] sched: fix bad missed wakeups in the i386, x86_64, ia64, ACPI and APM...Ingo Molnar
2006-12-22[PATCH] ptrace: Fix EFL_OFFSET value according to i386 pda changesJeremy Fitzhardinge
2006-12-22[PATCH] memory hotplug: fix compile error for i386 with NUMA configYasunori Goto
2006-12-22[PATCH] microcode: fix mc_cpu_notifier section warningJean Delvare
2006-12-22[PATCH] compile error of register_memory()Yasunori Goto
2006-12-21[PATCH] x86_64: fix boot time hang in detect_calgary()Ingo Molnar
2006-12-21[PATCH] x86_64: fix boot hang caused by CALGARY_IOMMU_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULTIngo Molnar
2006-12-21Merge Torvalds
2006-12-20Merge branch 'merge' of Torvalds
2006-12-20Merge branch 'for-linus' of Torvalds
2006-12-20PCI: Fix multiple problems with VIA hardwareAlan Cox
2006-12-20PCI: Only check the HT capability bits in mpic.cMichael Ellerman
2006-12-20[POWERPC] Fix register save area alignment for swapcontext syscallPaul Mackerras
2006-12-20[POWERPC] Fix PCI device channel state initializationLinas Vepstas
2006-12-20[POWERPC] Probe Efika platform before CHRP.David Woodhouse
2006-12-20[POWERPC] Fix build of cell zImage.initrdBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-12-20[POWERPC] iSeries: fix CONFIG_VIOPATH dependencyStephen Rothwell
2006-12-20[POWERPC] Workaround oldworld OF bug with IRQs & P2P bridgesBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-12-20Merge branch 'cell-merge' of Mackerras
2006-12-19[ARM] 4062/1: S3C24XX: Anubis and Osiris shuld have CONFIG_PM_SIMTECBen Dooks
2006-12-19[ARM] 4060/1: update several ARM defconfigsLennert Buytenhek
2006-12-19[ARM] 4061/1: xsc3: change of maintainerLennert Buytenhek
2006-12-19[ARM] 4059/1: VR1000: fix LED3's platform device numberBen Dooks
2006-12-19[ARM] 4022/1: iop13xx: generic irq fixupsDan Williams
2006-12-19[POWERPC] powerpc: add scanning of ebc bus to of_platformArnd Bergmann
2006-12-19[POWERPC] spufs: fix assignment of node numbersArnd Bergmann
2006-12-19[POWERPC] cell: Fix spufs with "new style" device-treeBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-12-19[POWERPC] cell: Enable spider workarounds on all PCI busesJens Osterkamp
2006-12-19[POWERPC] cell: update cell_defconfigArnd Bergmann
2006-12-17Merge Torvalds
2006-12-17[SPARC]: Make bitops use same spinlocks as atomics.David S. Miller
2006-12-18[ARM] 4015/1: s3c2410 cpu ifdefsKrzysztof Helt
2006-12-18[ARM] 4056/1: iop13xx: fix resource.end off-by-one in flash setupLennert Buytenhek
2006-12-18[ARM] 4055/1: iop13xx: fix phys_io/io_pg_offst for iq81340mc/scLennert Buytenhek
2006-12-18[ARM] 4054/1: ep93xx: add HWCAP_CRUNCHLennert Buytenhek
2006-12-18[ARM] 4052/1: S3C24XX: Fix PM in arch/arm/mach-s3c2410/KconfigBen Dooks
2006-12-18[ARM] Fix warnings from asm/system.hRussell King
2006-12-17[CPUFREQ] longhaul compile fix.Dave Jones
2006-12-17[CPUFREQ] Advise not to use longhaul on VIA C7.Dave Jones
2006-12-17[ARM] 4051/1: S3C24XX: clean includes in S3C2440 and S3C2442 supportBen Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] 4050/1: S3C24XX: remove old changelogs in arch/arm/mach-s3c2410Ben Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] 4049/1: S3C24XX: fix sparse warning due to upf_t in regs-serial.hBen Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] 4048/1: S3C24XX: make s3c2410_pm_resume() staticBen Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] 4046/1: S3C24XX: fix sparse errors arch/arm/mach-s3c2410Ben Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] 4045/1: S3C24XX: remove old VA for non-shared areasBen Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] 4044/1: S3C24XX: fix sparse warnings in arch/arm/mach-s3c2410/s3c2442-c...Ben Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] 4043/1: S3C24XX: fix sparse warnings in arch/arm/mach-s3c2410/s3c2440-c...Ben Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] 4040/1: S3C24XX: Fix copyrights in arch/arm/mach-s3c2410Ben Dooks
2006-12-17[ARM] Fix BUG()s in ioremap() codeRussell King
2006-12-17[CPUFREQ] set policy->curfreq on initializationMattia Dongili