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2005-11-13[PATCH] arch/mips/au1000/common/usbdev.c: don't concatenate __FUNCTION__ with...Clemens Buchacher
2005-11-13[PATCH] atomic: inc_not_zeroNick Piggin
2005-11-13[PATCH] atomic: cmpxchgNick Piggin
2005-11-13[PATCH] i386: generic cmpxchgNick Piggin
2005-11-13[PATCH] uml: fix daemon transport exit path bugPaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-11-13[PATCH] uml: fix access_okPaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-11-13[PATCH] uml console channels: fix the API of console_writePaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-11-13[PATCH] uml console channels: remove console_write wrappersPaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-11-13[PATCH] uml: fix mcast network driver error handlingPaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-11-13[PATCH] uml: fixups for "reuse i386 cpu-specific tuning"Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-11-13[PATCH] uml: micro fixups to arch KconfigPaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-11-13[PATCH] uml: remove bogus WARN_ON, triggerable harmlessly on a page fault racePaolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso
2005-11-13[PATCH] m68k: convert thread flags to use bit fieldsRoman Zippel
2005-11-13[PATCH] m68k: m68k-specific thread_info changesAl Viro
2005-11-13[PATCH] m68k: thread_info header cleanupAl Viro
2005-11-13[PATCH] x86: fix cpu_khz with clock=pitTim Mann
2005-11-13[PATCH] i386: NMI pointer comparison fixJan Beulich
2005-11-13[PATCH] arch/i386/mm/init.c: small cleanupsAdrian Bunk
2005-11-13[PATCH] powerpc-xmon-build-fixAndrew Morton
2005-11-13[PATCH] ppc32: Add support for handling PCI interrupts on MPC834x PCI expansi...Kumar Gala
2005-11-13[PATCH] ppc: add support for new powerbooksOlof Johansson
2005-11-13[PATCH] Update email address for KumarKumar Gala
2005-11-13[PATCH] move pm_register/etc. to CONFIG_PM_LEGACY, pm_legacy.hJeff Garzik
2005-11-13[PATCH] x86_64 two timer entries in /sysKarsten Wiese
2005-11-12[SBUSFB]: implement ->compat_ioctlChristoph Hellwig
2005-11-12[SPARC]: Fix RTC compat ioctl kernel log spam.Christoph Hellwig
2005-11-11Merge Torvalds
2005-11-11Merge branch 'release' of git:// Torvalds
2005-11-11[ARM] Update mach-typesRussell King
2005-11-11[ARM] 3147/1: update ixp2000 defconfigs to 2.6.14-git13Lennert Buytenhek
2005-11-11[ARM] 3152/1: make various assembly local labels actually local (the rest)Nicolas Pitre
2005-11-11[ARM] 3151/1: make various assembly local labels actually local (io-*.S)Nicolas Pitre
2005-11-11[ARM] 3150/1: make various assembly local labels actually local (uaccess.S)Nicolas Pitre
2005-11-11[SPARC64]: Restore 2.4.x /proc/cpuinfo behavior for "ncpus probed" field.David S. Miller
2005-11-11[IA64-SGI] set altix preferred consoleMark Maule
2005-11-11[IA64] 4-level page tablesRobin Holt
2005-11-11Merge Torvalds
2005-11-11powerpc: Fix some compile problems with the VDSO stuffPaul Mackerras
2005-11-11powerpc: Fix reading and writing SPRs from xmon on 32-bitPaul Mackerras
2005-11-11powerpc: Initialize secondary CPU setup for 32-bit SMPPaul Mackerras
2005-11-11[PATCH] powerpc: Merge vdso's and add vdso support to 32 bits kernelBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-11-11[PATCH] powerpc: remove initrd debug printkDavid Woodhouse
2005-11-11[PATCH] powerpc: Move udbg code to arch/powerpcDavid Gibson
2005-11-11[PATCH] ppc64: Convert NUMA to sparsemem (3)Anton Blanchard
2005-11-11[PATCH] ppc64: prep for NUMA sparsemem rework 2Anton Blanchard
2005-11-11[PATCH] ppc64: Cleanup kprobe assemblyAnton Blanchard
2005-11-11[PATCH] ppc64: Remove debug boot messageAnton Blanchard
2005-11-11[PATCH] ppc64: Quieten lparcfgAnton Blanchard
2005-11-11[PATCH] ppc32: fix PQ2 PCI DMA interrupt handlingKumar Gala
2005-11-10[PATCH] PCI: fix for Toshiba ohci1394 quirkJesse Barnes