path: root/drivers/ata/pata_pdc202xx_old.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-10-21pata_pdc202xx_old: implement sff_irq_check() methodSergei Shtylyov
2010-05-25libata-sff: separate out BMDMA initTejun Heo
2010-05-19libata-sff: clean up BMDMA initializationTejun Heo
2010-03-01libata: Pass host flags into the pci helperAlan Cox
2010-03-01pata_pdc202xx_old: fix UDMA mode for PDC2026x chipsetsBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
2010-03-01pata_pdc202xx_old: fix UDMA mode for Promise UDMA33 cardsBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
2009-05-11pata_pdc202xx_old: fix UDMA33 handlingBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
2009-03-24[libata] convert drivers to use ata.h mode mask definesErik Inge Bolsø
2008-10-27ata: Switch all my stuff to a common addressAlan Cox
2008-04-17libata: rename SFF functionsTejun Heo
2008-04-17libata: stop overloading port_info->private_dataTejun Heo
2008-04-17libata: make ata_pci_init_one() not use ops->irq_handler and pi->shtTejun Heo
2008-04-17libata: implement and use ops inheritanceTejun Heo
2008-04-17libata: implement and use SHT initializersTejun Heo
2008-01-23libata: rename ATA_PROT_ATAPI_* to ATAPI_PROT_*Tejun Heo
2008-01-19pata_pdc202xx_old: Fix crashes with ATAPIAlan Cox
2008-01-10pata_pdc202xx_old: Further fixupsAlan Cox
2007-10-29[libata] fix 'if(' and similar areas that lack whitespaceJeff Garzik
2007-10-12pata_pdc202xx_old MWDMA fixes, and notesAlan Cox
2007-10-12libata: Switch most of the remaining SFF drivers to ata_sff_port_startAlan Cox
2007-10-12[libata] Remove ->port_disable() hookJeff Garzik
2007-10-12[libata] Remove ->irq_ack() hook, and ata_dummy_irq_on()Jeff Garzik
2007-07-09[libata] PATA drivers: remove ATA_FLAG_SRSTJeff Garzik
2007-07-03pata_pdc202xx_old: Correct cable detect logicAlan Cox
2007-05-11libata: clean up SFF init messTejun Heo
2007-05-11libata: reimplement suspend/resume support using sdev->manage_start_stopTejun Heo
2007-04-28[libata] Update several PATA drivers for new ->cable_detect hookJeff Garzik
2007-04-28libata: dev_config does not need ap and adev passingAlan
2007-03-28pata_pdc202xx_old: LBA48 bugAlan Cox
2007-03-06pata_pdc202xx_old: fix data corruption and other problemsBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
2007-03-02libata: add missing CONFIG_PM in LLDsTejun Heo
2007-02-26[libata] bump versionsJeff Garzik
2007-02-09libata: add another IRQ calls (libata drivers)Akira Iguchi
2007-02-09libata: convert to iomapTejun Heo
2007-02-09libata: update libata LLDs to use devresTejun Heo
2007-02-09libata: kill qc->nsect and cursectTejun Heo
2006-12-03[PATCH] libata: kill unnecessary sht->max_sectors initializationsTejun Heo
2006-12-01[PATCH] pata : more drivers that need only standard suspend and resumeAlan
2006-12-01[PATCH] pdc202xx_old: Fix name clashes with PA-RISCAlan Cox
2006-11-29[PATCH] libata: add missing sht->slave_destroyTejun Heo
2006-09-28[libata] PCI ID table cleanup in various driversJeff Garzik
2006-08-31[libata #pata-drivers] Trim trailing whitespace.Jeff Garzik
2006-08-29[libata] Add a bunch of PATA drivers.Jeff Garzik