path: root/drivers/bcma/sprom.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-25bcma: extract board_type from SPROMRafał Miłecki
2012-10-19bcma: use fallback sprom if sprom on card was not validHauke Mehrtens
2012-09-24bcma: handle BCM43227Rafał Miłecki
2012-08-02bcma: BCM43228 supportRafał Miłecki
2012-07-09bcma: use custom printing functionsRafał Miłecki
2012-07-09bcma: add constants for chip idsHauke Mehrtens
2012-06-04bcma: add ext PA workaround for BCM4331 and BCM43431Seth Forshee
2012-05-16bcma/ssb: parse new attributes from spromHauke Mehrtens
2012-05-16bcma: read out some additional sprom attributesHauke Mehrtens
2012-05-16ssb/bcma: fill attribute alpha2 from spromHauke Mehrtens
2012-04-16bcma: use fallback sprom if no on chip sprom is availableHauke Mehrtens
2012-03-06bcma: add support for on-chip OTP memory used for SPROM storageArend van Spriel
2012-03-06bcma: return error in bcma_sprom_get() when fallback failsArend van Spriel
2012-03-05bcma: add support for sprom not found on the deviceHauke Mehrtens
2012-02-06bcma: add extra sprom checkHauke Mehrtens
2012-01-24bcma: Enable logging of SPROM offsetLarry Finger
2012-01-24bcma: SPROM: extract power info for coresRafał Miłecki
2012-01-24bcma: SPROM: add macro for easier extractionRafał Miłecki
2011-12-13bcma: extract revision and TX power IDs from SPROMRafał Miłecki
2011-12-13bcma: extract FEM info from SPROMRafał Miłecki
2011-09-13bcma: extract some basic info about board from SPROMRafał Miłecki
2011-08-22bcma: implement BCM4331 workaround for external PA linesRafał Miłecki
2011-07-19bcma: handle alternative SPROM locationRafał Miłecki
2011-07-18bcma: extract SPROM rev 9 the same way as rev 8Rafał Miłecki
2011-07-11bcma: add check if sprom is available before accessing it.Hauke Mehrtens
2011-06-03bcma: read SPROM and extract MAC from itRafał Miłecki