path: root/drivers/block/aoe/aoedev.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-29block: add a bi_error field to struct bioChristoph Hellwig
2013-09-11aoe: remove custom implementation of kbasename()Andy Shevchenko
2013-09-11aoe: add AoE-target files to debugfsEd Cashin
2013-07-03aoe: update copyright dateEd Cashin
2013-07-03aoe: perform I/O completions in parallelEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: fix use after free in aoedev_by_aoeaddr()Dan Carpenter
2012-12-17aoe: use dynamic number of remote ports for AoE storage targetEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: avoid races between device destruction and discoveryEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: improve handling of misbehaving network pathsEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: return real minor number for static minorsEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: initialize sysminor to avoid compiler warningEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: make error messages more specific in static minor allocationEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: commands in retransmit queue use new destination on failureEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: improve network congestion handlingEd Cashin
2012-12-17aoe: support the forgetting (flushing) of a user-specified AoE targetEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: make dynamic block minor numbers the defaultEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: retain static block device numbers for backwards compatibilityEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: support more AoE addresses with dynamic block device minor numbersEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: update copyright year in touched filesEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: increase net_device reference count while using itEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: associate frames with the AoE storage targetEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: become I/O request queue handler for increased user controlEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: kernel thread handles I/O completions for simple lockingEd Cashin
2012-10-06aoe: for performance support larger packet payloadsEd Cashin
2010-10-28aoe: don't use flush_scheduled_work()Tejun Heo
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2009-09-09aoe: allocate unused request_queue for sysfsEd Cashin
2009-03-04aoe: error printed 1 too earlyRoel Kluin
2008-10-11Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-10-09block: move capacity from disk to part0Tejun Heo
2008-09-21aoe: Use SKB interfaces for list management instead of home-grown stuff.David S. Miller
2008-04-29remove aoedev_isbusy()Adrian Bunk
2008-02-08aoe: statically initialise devlist_lockAndrew Morton
2008-02-08aoe: update copyright dateEd L. Cashin
2008-02-08aoe: dynamically allocate a capped number of skbs when necessaryEd L. Cashin
2008-02-08aoe: user can ask driver to forget previously detected devicesEd L. Cashin
2008-02-08aoe: handle multiple network paths to AoE deviceEd L. Cashin
2007-10-10Drop 'size' argument from bio_endio and bi_end_ioNeilBrown
2006-11-22WorkStruct: make allyesconfigDavid Howells
2006-10-18aoe: revert printk macrosEd L. Cashin
2006-10-18aoe: zero copy write 2 of 2Ed L. Cashin
2006-10-18aoe: clean up printks via macrosEd L. Cashin
2006-10-18aoe: zero copy write 1 of 2Ed L. Cashin
2006-10-18aoe: update copyright dateEd L. Cashin
2006-10-18aoe: eliminate isbusy messageEd L. Cashin
2006-03-23[PATCH] aoe [2/8]: support dynamic resizing of AoE devicesEd L. Cashin
2005-09-07[PATCH] drivers: convert kcalloc to kzallocPekka Enberg
2005-05-03[PATCH] aoe: allow multiple aoe devices to have the same macEd L Cashin
2005-04-18[PATCH] aoe 5/12: don't try to free null
2005-04-18[PATCH] aoe 2/12: allow multiple aoe devices with same