path: root/drivers/char/ipmi
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-16ipmi: ipmi_devintf: compat_ioctl method fails to take ipmi_mutexBenjamin LaHaise
2013-05-16ipmi: Improve error messages on failed irq enableCorey Minyard
2013-05-16drivers/char/ipmi: memcpy, need additional 2 bytes to avoid memory overflowChen Gang
2013-05-16drivers: char: ipmi: Replaced kmalloc and strcpy with kstrdupAlexandru Gheorghiu
2013-05-01proc: Supply a function to remove a proc entry by PDEDavid Howells
2013-04-09procfs: new helper - PDE_DATA(inode)Al Viro
2013-02-27ipmi: add options to disable openfirmware and PCI scanningCorey Minyard
2013-02-27ipmi: add new kernel options to prevent automatic ipmi initCorey Minyard
2013-01-03Drivers: char: remove __dev* attributes.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-12-13Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2012-11-21char: remove use of __devexitBill Pemberton
2012-11-21char: remove use of __devinitdataBill Pemberton
2012-11-21char: remove use of __devinitBill Pemberton
2012-11-19various: Fix spelling of "asynchronous" in comments.Adam Buchbinder
2012-10-16IPMI: Detect register spacing on PCI interfacesCorey Minyard
2012-10-16IPMI: Fix some uninitialized warningCorey Minyard
2012-07-23char/ipmi: remove local ioctl defines replaced by generic onesOskar Schirmer
2012-07-10PM / IPMI: Remove empty legacy PCI PM callbacksRafael J. Wysocki
2012-03-28Merge branch 'akpm' (Andrew's patch-bomb)Linus Torvalds
2012-03-28ipmi: use locks on watchdog timeout set on rebootCorey Minyard
2012-03-28ipmi: simplify lockingCorey Minyard
2012-03-28ipmi: fix message handling during panicsCorey Minyard
2012-03-28ipmi: use a tasklet for handling received messagesCorey Minyard
2012-03-28ipmi: increase KCS timeoutsMatthew Garrett
2012-03-28ipmi: decrease the IPMI message transaction time in interrupt modeSrinivas_Gowda
2012-03-28Merge tag 'split-asm_system_h-for-linus-20120328' of git:// Torvalds
2012-03-28Remove all #inclusions of asm/system.hDavid Howells
2012-03-27watchdog: nowayout is boolWim Van Sebroeck
2012-01-13module_param: make bool parameters really bool (drivers & misc)Rusty Russell
2012-01-08Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2011-12-20ipmi_watchdog: restore settings when BMC resetCorey Minyard
2011-12-02treewide: Fix typos in various parts of the kernel, and fix some comments.Justin P. Mattock
2011-10-10x86, nmi: Wire up NMI handlers to new routinesDon Zickus
2011-07-26atomic: use <linux/atomic.h>Arun Sharma
2011-05-26ipmi: convert to seq_file interfaceAlexey Dobriyan
2011-05-18drivercore: revert addition of of_match to struct deviceGrant Likely
2011-03-31Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2011-03-23drivers/char/ipmi/ipmi_si_intf.c: fix cleanup_one_si section mismatchSergey Senozhatsky
2011-03-16Merge branch 'devicetree/next' of git:// Torvalds
2011-03-10ipmi: Fix IPMI errors due to timing problemsDoe, YiCheng
2011-02-28ipmi: convert OF driver to platform driverRob Herring
2011-02-10char/ipmi: fix OOPS caused by pnp_unregister_driver on unregistered driverCorey Minyard
2011-01-13Merge branch 'release' of git:// Torvalds
2011-01-12Merge branch 'ipmi' into releaseLen Brown
2011-01-12ACPICA: New GPE handler callback definitionLin Ming
2011-01-11Merge branch 'perf-fixes-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2011-01-07x86: Convert some devices to use DIE_NMIUNKNOWNDon Zickus
2011-01-04ipmi: explicitly include of_address.h and of_irq.hRob Herring
2011-01-03of: Fixes for OF probing on little endian systemsRob Herring
2010-12-14IPMI: Add one interface to get more info of low-level IPMI deviceZhao Yakui