path: root/drivers/crypto/caam
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-08-04crypto: caam - Fixed the memory out of bound overwrite issueVakul Garg
2013-05-14crypto: caam - fix inconsistent assoc dma mapping directionHoria Geanta
2013-05-02Merge git:// Torvalds
2013-04-30Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2013-04-25crypto: caam - fix job ring cleanup codeVakul Garg
2013-04-25crypto: caam - static constify error dataKim Phillips
2013-04-25crypto: caam - change key gen functions to return signed intKim Phillips
2013-03-22crypto: caam - Fix missing init of '.type' in AEAD algos.Vakul Garg
2013-03-22crypto: caam - set RDB bit in security configuration registerVakul Garg
2013-03-21Revert "crypto: caam - add IPsec ESN support"Horia Geanta
2013-03-18treewide: Fix typos in printk and commentMasanari Iida
2013-03-10crypto: caam - fix typo "CRYPTO_AHASH"Paul Bolle
2013-01-03Drivers: crypto: remove __dev* attributes.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-10-04Merge git:// Torvalds
2012-09-27crypto: caam - increase TRNG clocks per sampleKim Phillips
2012-09-27crypto: caam - fix error IDs for SEC v5.x RNG4Horia Geanta
2012-09-07crypto: caam - add IPsec ESN supportHoria Geanta
2012-09-07crypto: caam - coccicheck fixesKim Phillips
2012-09-07crypto/caam: Export gen_split_key symbol for other modulesBen Collins
2012-08-20crypto: caam - fix possible deadlock conditionKim Phillips
2012-08-01crypto: caam - set descriptor sharing type to SERIALKim Phillips
2012-08-01crypto: caam - add backward compatible string sec4.0Shengzhou Liu
2012-08-01crypto: caam - fix possible deadlock conditionKim Phillips
2012-07-11crypto: caam - ERA retrieval and printing for SEC deviceAlex Porosanu
2012-07-11crypto: caam - Using alloc_coherent for caam job ringsBharat Bhushan
2012-06-27crypto: caam - one tasklet per job ringKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - consolidate memory barriers from job ring en/dequeueKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - only query h/w in job ring dequeue pathKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - use non-irq versions of spinlocks for job ringsKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - disable IRQ coalescing by defaultKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - add support for SEC v5.x RNG4Kim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - assign 40-bit masks on SEC v5.0 and aboveKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - hwrng supportYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - chaining supportYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - unkeyed ahash supportYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - ahash hmac supportYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - link_tbl renameYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - refactor key_gen, sgYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - remove jr register/deregisterYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - support external seq in/out lengthsYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - add PDB (Protocol Descriptor Block) definitionsHemant Agrawal
2012-06-27crypto: caam - fix descriptor length adjustments for protocol descriptorsKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - fix start index for Protocol shared descriptorsYashpal Dutta
2012-06-27crypto: caam - fix input job ring element dma mapping sizeKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - remove line continuations from ablkcipher_append_src_dstKim Phillips
2012-03-29crypto: caam - add backward compatible string sec4.0Shengzhou Liu
2012-01-26crypto: caam - fix gcc 4.6 warningKim Phillips
2012-01-13crypto: caam - be less noisy on startupKim Phillips
2012-01-13crypto: caam - add sha224 and sha384 variants to existing AEAD algorithmsHemant Agrawal
2012-01-13crypto: Add CRYPTO_ALG_KERN_DRIVER_ONLY flagNikos Mavrogiannopoulos