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2010-10-17firewire: ohci: fix TI TSB82AA2 regression since 2.6.35Stefan Richter
2010-09-08firewire: ohci: activate cycle timer register quirk on Ricoh chipsHeikki Lindholm
2010-08-29firewire: ohci: work around VIA and NEC PHY packet reception bugStefan Richter
2010-08-02Merge firewire branches to be released post v2.6.35Stefan Richter
2010-07-29firewire: add isochronous multichannel receptionStefan Richter
2010-07-29firewire: ohci: release channel in error pathStefan Richter
2010-07-29firewire: ohci: use memory barriers to order descriptor updatesStefan Richter
2010-07-23firewire: cdev: add PHY pingingStefan Richter
2010-07-23firewire: cdev: add PHY packet receptionStefan Richter
2010-07-13firewire: core: integrate software-forced bus resets with bus managementStefan Richter
2010-06-19firewire: rename CSR access driver methodsStefan Richter
2010-06-19firewire: normalize STATE_CLEAR/SET CSR access interfaceStefan Richter
2010-06-19firewire: replace get_features card driver hookStefan Richter
2010-06-19firewire: 'add CSR_... support' addendumStefan Richter
2010-06-10firewire: allocate broadcast channel in hardwareClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: add CSR cmstr supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: add CSR PRIORITY_BUDGET supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: add CSR BUSY_TIMEOUT supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: add CSR BUS_TIME supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: add CSR CYCLE_TIME write supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: add CSR NODE_IDS supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: add read_csr_reg driver callbackClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: ohci: speed up PHY register accessesClemens Ladisch
2010-06-09firewire: ohci: add MSI supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-09firewire: ohci: do not enable interrupts without the handlerStefan Richter
2010-05-27Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2010-05-20Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2010-04-23Merge branch 'master' into for-nextJiri Kosina
2010-04-22Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2010-04-19firewire: ohci: wait for local CSR lock access to finishClemens Ladisch
2010-04-19firewire: ohci: prevent aliasing of locally handled register addressesClemens Ladisch
2010-04-10firewire: ohci: cleanups and fix for nonstandard build without debug facilityStefan Richter
2010-04-10firewire: ohci: wait for PHY register accesses to completeStefan Richter
2010-04-10firewire: ohci: fix up configuration of TI chipsClemens Ladisch
2010-04-10firewire: ohci: enable 1394a enhancementsClemens Ladisch
2010-04-10firewire: ohci: do not clear PHY interrupt status inadvertentlyClemens Ladisch
2010-04-10firewire: ohci: add a function for reading PHY registersClemens Ladisch
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-03-17firewire: ohci: add cycle timer quirk for the TI TSB12LV22Clemens Ladisch
2010-03-16Fix typos in commentsThomas Weber
2010-02-24firewire: ohci: extend initialization log messageStefan Richter
2010-02-24firewire: ohci: fix IR/IT context mask mixupStefan Richter
2010-02-24firewire: ohci: add module parameter to activate quirk fixesStefan Richter
2010-02-24firewire: ohci: use an ID table for quirks detectionStefan Richter
2010-02-24firewire: ohci: reorder struct fw_ohci for better cache efficiencyStefan Richter
2010-02-24firewire: ohci: remove unused dualbuffer IR codeStefan Richter
2010-02-24Merge tag 'v2.6.33' for its firewire changes since last branch pointStefan Richter
2010-02-20firewire: remove incomplete Bus_Time CSR supportStefan Richter
2010-02-20firewire: get_cycle_timer optimization and cleanupStefan Richter
2010-02-19firewire: ohci: enable cycle timer fix on ALi and NEC controllersStefan Richter