path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/exynos
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-27drm/exynos: fixed pm feature for fimd module.Inki Dae
2012-01-27drm/exynos: fixed build dependency for DRM_EXYNOS_FIMDInki Dae
2012-01-27drm/exynos: fix build dependency for DRM_EXYNOS_HDMISeung-Woo Kim
2012-01-27drm/exynos: use release_mem_region instead of release_resourceSeung-Woo Kim
2012-01-05drm: add support for private planesRob Clark
2011-12-29drm/exynos: added hdmi display supportSeung-Woo Kim
2011-12-29drm/exynos: added mutex lock and code clean.Inki Dae
2011-12-29drm/exynos: extend vblank off delay time.Inki Dae
2011-12-29drm/exynos: change driver name.Inki Dae
2011-12-29drm/exynos: Support multi buffersSeung-Woo Kim
2011-12-29drm/exynos: added pm support.Inki Dae
2011-12-29drm/exynos: remove buffer creation of fbdev from drm framebuffer creationJoonyoung Shim
2011-12-29drm/exynos: Split creation of gem object and gem handleJoonyoung Shim
2011-12-29drm/exynos: Fix a fake mmap offset creationJoonyoung Shim
2011-12-29drm/exynos: gem code cleanupJoonyoung Shim
2011-12-21drm/exynos: Add plane support with fimdJoonyoung Shim
2011-12-21drm/exynos: add runtime pm feature for fimdJoonyoung Shim
2011-12-21drm/exynos: updated crtc and encoder dpms framework.Inki Dae
2011-12-21drm/exynos: Use struct drm_mode_fb_cmd2Joonyoung Shim
2011-12-21drm/exynos: Fix compile errorsJoonyoung Shim
2011-12-20Merge tag 'v3.2-rc6' of /home/airlied/devel/kernel/linux-2.6 into drm-core-nextDave Airlie
2011-12-20drm: Replace pitch with pitches[] in drm_framebufferVille Syrjälä
2011-11-17drm/exynos: fixed wrong err ptr usage and destroy call in execeptionSeung-Woo Kim
2011-11-17drm/exynos: Add disable of managerJoonyoung Shim
2011-11-15drm/exynos: include linux/module.hInki Dae
2011-11-15drm/exynos: fix vblank bug.Inki Dae
2011-11-15drm/exynos: changed buffer structure.Inki Dae
2011-11-15drm/exynos: removed unnecessary variable.Inki Dae
2011-11-15drm/exynos: use gem create function genericallyInki Dae
2011-11-15drm/exynos: checked for null pointerSeung-Woo Kim
2011-11-15drm/exynos: added crtc dpms for disable crtcJoonyoung Shim
2011-11-15drm/exynos: removed meaningless parameter from fbdev updateSeung-Woo Kim
2011-11-15drm/exynos: restored kernel_fb_list when reiniting fb_helperJoonyoung Shim
2011-11-15drm/exynos: changed exynos_drm_display to exynos_drm_display_opsInki Dae
2011-11-15drm/exynos: added manager object to connectorInki Dae
2011-11-15drm/exynos: fixed converting between display mode and timingSeung-Woo Kim
2011-11-15drm/exynos: fixed connector flag with hpd and interlace scan for hdmiSeung-Woo Kim
2011-11-15drm/exynos: added kms poll for handling hpd eventSeung-Woo Kim
2011-10-18drm/exynos: fixed build warnings and comments.Inki Dae
2011-10-18drm/exynos: fixed page flip bug.Inki Dae
2011-10-18drm/exynos: added comments and code clean.Inki Dae
2011-10-18drm/exynos: fixed bug to exynos_drm_fb_dev_reinit().Inki Dae
2011-10-18drm/exynos: added device object as argument of subdrv_probe().Inki Dae
2011-10-18drm/exynos: fixed overlay updating time at page flip.Inki Dae
2011-10-18drm/exynos: fixed overlay data updating.Inki Dae
2011-10-05DRM: add DRM Driver for Samsung SoC EXYNOS4210.Inki Dae