path: root/drivers/media/video/cx18/cx18-streams.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-08-15[media] rename most media/video pci drivers to media/pciMauro Carvalho Chehab
2012-07-06[media] cx18: don't mess with vfd->debugHans Verkuil
2012-05-14[media] ivtv/cx18: fix compiler warningsHans Verkuil
2011-09-18[media] cx18: Fix videobuf captureSimon Farnsworth
2011-05-20[media] cx18: Move spinlock and vb_type initialisation into stream_initSimon Farnsworth
2011-05-20[media] cx18: Clean up mmap() support for raw YUVSimon Farnsworth
2011-05-20[media] cx18: mmap() support for raw YUV video captureSteven Toth
2011-04-13[media] cx18: Fix list BUG for IDX stream, triggerable in cx18_probe() error ...Andy Walls
2011-03-22[media] v4l2: use new flag to enable core priority handlingHans Verkuil
2011-03-21[media] cx18: Use the control frameworkHans Verkuil
2010-12-29[media] cx18: Only allocate a struct cx18_dvb for the DVB TS streamAndy Walls
2010-12-01[media] cx18: convert to unlocked_ioctlHans Verkuil
2010-06-01V4L/DVB: cx18, cx23885, v4l2 doc, MAINTAINERS: Update Andy Walls' email addressAndy Walls
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: cx18: switch to new vbi subdev opsHans Verkuil
2010-02-26V4L/DVB: cx18: export more symbols required by cx18-alsaDevin Heitmueller
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13910): cx18: Fix set indextable command to properly select I/P/B in...Andy Walls
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13907): cx18: Perform automatic rotation of very old, unread IDX buf...Andy Walls
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13906): cx18: Start IDX streams automatically as an internal associa...Andy Walls
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13905): cx18: Allow MPEG index streams to be started and stopped int...Andy Walls
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13904): cx18: Fix TS and IDX stream buffer memory leak on module unloadAndy Walls
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13903): cx18: Encapsulate check for a stream being enabled into an i...Andy Walls
2009-12-16V4L/DVB (13550): v4l: Use the new video_device_node_name functionLaurent Pinchart
2009-12-05V4L/DVB (13432): cx18: Adjust encoder VBI MDL size to be exactly frame's wort...Andy Walls
2009-12-05V4L/DVB (13430): cx18: Fix YUV capture so that encoder passes a single frame ...Andy Walls
2009-12-05V4L/DVB (13429): cx18: Add Memory Descriptor List (MDL) layer to buffer handlingAndy Walls
2009-12-05V4L/DVB (13427): cx18: Rename struct cx18_queue.buffers to struct cx18_queue....Andy Walls
2009-09-19V4L/DVB (12725): v4l: warn when desired devnodenr is in use & add _no_warn fu...Hans Verkuil
2009-09-19V4L/DVB (12723): ivtv/cx18: replace 'kernel number' with 'device node number'.Hans Verkuil
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11864): cx18: Complete support for Sliced and Raw VBI for 625 line s...Andy Walls
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11863): cx18: Initial attempt to get sliced VBI working for 625 line...Andy Walls
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11619): cx18: Simplify the work handler for outgoing mailbox commandsAndy Walls
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11618): cx18: Convert per stream mutex locks to per queue spin locksAndy Walls
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11616): cx18: Add a work queue for deferring empty buffer handoffs t...Andy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10854): cx18: Correct comments about vertical and horizontal blankin...Andy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10759): cx18: Convert GPIO connected functions to act as v4l2_subdev...Andy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10757): cx18, v4l2-chip-ident: Finish conversion of AV decoder core ...Andy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10756): cx18: Slim down instance handling, build names from v4l2_dev...Andy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10446): cx18: Finally get sliced VBI working - for 525 line 60 Hz sy...Andy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10443): cx18: Use correct line counts per field in firmware API callAndy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10442): cx18: Fixes for enforcing when Encoder Raw VBI params can be...Andy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10439): cx18: Clean-up and enable sliced VBI handlingAndy Walls
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (10280): cx18: Rename structure members: dev to pci_dev and v4l2dev t...Andy Walls
2009-01-02V4L/DVB (10135): v4l2: introduce v4l2_file_operations.Hans Verkuil
2008-12-30V4L/DVB (9894): cx18: Use a known open task handle when setting stream CX2341...Andy Walls
2008-12-30V4L/DVB (9893): cx18: Convert some list manipulations to emphasize entries no...Andy Walls
2008-12-30V4L/DVB (9891): cx18 Replace magic number 63 with CX18_MAX_FW_MDLS_PER_STREAMAndy Walls
2008-12-30V4L/DVB (9806): cx18: Enable raw VBI captureAndy Walls
2008-12-30V4L/DVB (9805): cx18: Port fix for raw/sliced VBI mixup from ivtv and cx25840Andy Walls
2008-12-30V4L/DVB (9804): cx18: Avoid making firmware API calls with the queue lock heldAndy Walls
2008-12-30V4L/DVB (9802): cx18: Add module parameters for finer control over buffer all...Andy Walls