path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/ixgbe/ixgbe_type.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-19ixgbe: Fix register defines to correctly handle complex expressionsAlexander Duyck
2012-01-02ixgbe: add support for new 82599 device.Don Skidmore
2012-01-02ixgbe: add support for new 82599 device idEmil Tantilov
2011-11-16intel: Convert <FOO>_LENGTH_OF_ADDRESS to ETH_ALENJoe Perches
2011-10-12ixgbe: Add FCoE DDP allocation failure counters to ethtool stats.Amir Hanania
2011-10-06ixgbe: X540 devices RX PFC frames pause traffic even if disabledJohn Fastabend
2011-10-06ixgbe: DCB X540 devices support max traffic class of 4John Fastabend
2011-10-05ixgbe: add support for new 82599 deviceEmil Tantilov
2011-09-28ixgbe add thermal sensor support for x540 hardwareJacob Keller
2011-09-28ixgbe: update {P}FC thresholds to account for X540 and loopbackJohn Fastabend
2011-09-23ixgbe: add WOL support for X540Emil Tantilov
2011-09-23ixgbe: avoid HW lockup when adapter is reset with Tx work pendingEmil Tantilov
2011-09-23ixgbe: Reconfigure SR-IOV InitGreg Rose
2011-09-15ixgbe: cleanup reset pathsAlexander Duyck
2011-08-29ixgbe: PFC not cleared on X540 devicesJohn Fastabend
2011-08-10intel: Move the Intel wired LAN driversJeff Kirsher