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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-01-03[ARM] Remove clk_use()/clk_unuse()Russell King
2006-01-02[PATCH] powerpc: more g5 overtemp problem fixBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-12-31Merge Torvalds
2005-12-30[PATCH] Input: wacom - fix X axis setupDenny Priebe
2005-12-30[PATCH] Input: warrior - fix HAT0Y axis setupDmitry Torokhov
2005-12-30[PATCH] Input: kbtab - fix Y axis setupDmitry Torokhov
2005-12-30[ARM] 3216/1: indent and typo in drivers/serial/pxa.cErik Hovland
2005-12-29[PATCH] Simplify the VIDEO_SAA7134_OSS Kconfig dependency lineJean Delvare
2005-12-29Revert radeon AGP aperture offset changesLinus Torvalds
2005-12-29Merge Torvalds
2005-12-29Merge Torvalds
2005-12-29[PATCH] Fix recursive config dependency for SAA7134Jean Delvare
2005-12-29[PATCH] Input: aiptek - fix Y axis setupRiccardo Magliocchetti
2005-12-29[PATCH] fix ia64 compile failure with gcc4.1Dave Jones
2005-12-28Merge Torvalds
2005-12-28[SERMOUSE]: Sun mice speak 5-byte protocol too.David S. Miller
2005-12-28[TG3]: Update driver version and reldate.David S. Miller
2005-12-28[TG3]: ethtool -d hangs PCIe systemsChris Elmquist
2005-12-27[PATCH] Fix more radeon GART start calculation casesBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-12-27[NET]: Validate socket filters against BPF_MAXINSNS in one spot.David S. Miller
2005-12-27[SERIAL] Fix AMBA PL011 sysrq character handlingRussell King
2005-12-26[PATCH] Fix Fibre Channel boot oopsJames Bottomley
2005-12-24Merge branch 'upstream-fixes' of Torvalds
2005-12-24Merge Torvalds
2005-12-24[VIDEO] sbuslib: Disallow private mmaps.David S. Miller
2005-12-24Merge branch 'upstream-fixes' of Torvalds
2005-12-24[PATCH] forcedeth: fix random memory scribbling bugManfred Spraul
2005-12-24[PATCH] s390: remove redundant and useless code in qethFrank Pavlic
2005-12-24[PATCH] s390: minor qeth network driver fixesFrank Pavlic
2005-12-24[PATCH] s390: some minor qeth driver fixesFrank Pavlic
2005-12-24[PATCH] missing license for libphy.koOlaf Hering
2005-12-24[PATCH] orinoco_nortel: Add Symbol LA-4123 IDPavel Roskin
2005-12-24[PATCH] orinoco_nortel: Fix incorrect PCI resource usePavel Roskin
2005-12-24[PATCH] fix libata inquiry VPD for ATAPI devicesTony Battersby
2005-12-23Merge Torvalds
2005-12-22[SPARC]: introduce a SPARC Kconfig symbolAdrian Bunk
2005-12-22[SUNGEM]: Fix link error with CONFIG_HOTPLUG disabled.Adrian Bunk
2005-12-22Pull bug3410 into release branchLen Brown
2005-12-22Pull owner_id into release branchLen Brown
2005-12-22[ACPI] fix build warning from owner_id patchLen Brown
2005-12-22[ACPI] fix passive cooling regressionThomas Renninger
2005-12-22[MMC] Set correct capacity for 1024-byte block cardsRussell King
2005-12-22V4L/DVB (3191): Fix CC outputHans Verkuil
2005-12-22V4L/DVB (3200): Fix saa7134 ALSA/OSS collisionsRicardo Cerqueira
2005-12-21Merge Torvalds
2005-12-21Initialize drivers/media/video/saa7134 lateLinus Torvalds
2005-12-21[PATCH] usbcore: allow suspend/resume even if drivers don't support itAlan Stern
2005-12-21[PATCH] USB Storage: Force starget->scsi_level in usb-storage scsiglue.cPaul Walmsley
2005-12-21Merge branch 'release' of git:// Torvalds
2005-12-21[ACPI] increase owner_id limit to 64 from 32Alex Williamson