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2006-09-23[SCSI] scsi_transport_fc: fixup netlink argumentsJames Bottomley
2006-09-23Merge mulgrave-w:git/linux-2.6James Bottomley
2006-09-23[SCSI] SPI transport class: misc DV fixesJames Bottomley
2006-09-23[SCSI] Switch some more scsi drivers to pci_get_device and refcounted pci str...Alan Cox
2006-09-23[SCSI] eata_pio cleanup and PCI fixAlan Cox
2006-09-23[SCSI] aacraid: remove scsi_remove_deviceMark Haverkamp
2006-09-23[SCSI] aacraid: merge rx and rkt codeMark Haverkamp
2006-09-23[SCSI] aacraid: expose physical devicesMark Haverkamp
2006-09-23[SCSI] aacraid: misc cleanupMark Haverkamp
2006-09-23Merge git:// Torvalds
2006-09-23Merge Torvalds
2006-09-23[SCSI] zfcp: fix: avoid removal of fsf reqs before qdio queues are downAndreas Herrmann
2006-09-23[SCSI] zfcp: introduce struct timer_list in struct zfcp_fsf_reqAndreas Herrmann
2006-09-23[SCSI] zfcp: fix: use correct req_id in eh_abort_handlerAndreas Herrmann
2006-09-23[SCSI] zfcp: create private slab caches to guarantee proper data alignmentHeiko Carstens
2006-09-23[SCSI] zfcp: remove zfcp_ccw_unregister functionHeiko Carstens
2006-09-23[SCSI] aic7xxx: pause sequencer before touching SBLKCTLDoug Ledford
2006-09-23[SCSI] aic7xxx: avoid checking SBLKCTL register for certain cardsJames Bottomley
2006-09-23[SCSI] scsi_debug version 1.80Douglas Gilbert
2006-09-23Merge mulgrave-w:git/scsi-misc-2.6James Bottomley
2006-09-23[PATCH] more get_property() falloutAl Viro
2006-09-23[PATCH] briq_panel: read() and write() get __user pointers, damnitAl Viro
2006-09-23[PATCH] more fallout from get_property returning pointer to constAl Viro
2006-09-23[PATCH] missing includes from infiniband mergeAl Viro
2006-09-23[SCSI] megaraid: Make megaraid_ioctl() check copy_to_user() return valueJesper Juhl
2006-09-23[SCSI] aha152x: remove static host arrayJames Bottomley
2006-09-23[SCSI] aic94xx: Fix for a typo in aic94xx_init()
2006-09-23[SCSI] aic94xx: Removes Reliance on FLASH Manufacture IDsAlexis Bruemmer
2006-09-23[MTD] Whitespace cleanup in SSFDC driver.David Woodhouse
2006-09-23[MTD] SSFDC translation layer minor cleanupDavid Woodhouse
2006-09-23[MTD] Fix dependencies with CONFIG_MTD=mDavid Woodhouse
2006-09-22Merge Torvalds
2006-09-22Merge Torvalds
2006-09-22[PATCH] fallout from hcd-core patchAl Viro
2006-09-22[PATCH] fix the survivors of fbcon_vbl_handler() renamingAl Viro
2006-09-22[PATCH] asm/backlight.h is ppc-onlyAl Viro
2006-09-22[PATCH] memcpy_fromio() missing in istallionAl Viro
2006-09-22[CPUFREQ] Fix some more CPU hotplug locking.Dave Jones
2006-09-22Merge branch 'for-linus' of Torvalds
2006-09-22Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of Torvalds
2006-09-22IB: Fix typo in kerneldoc for ib_set_client_data()Krishna Kumar
2006-09-22IPoIB: Add some likely/unlikely annotations in hot pathEli Cohen
2006-09-22IPoIB: Remove unused include of vmalloc.hDotan Barak
2006-09-22IPoIB: Rejoin all multicast groups after a port eventEli Cohen
2006-09-22IPoIB: Create MCGs with all attributes required by RFCRoland Dreier
2006-09-22IB/iser: INFINIBAND_ISER depends on INETRoland Dreier
2006-09-22IB/mthca: Simplify calls to mthca_cq_clean()Roland Dreier
2006-09-22IB/mthca: Recover from catastrophic errorsJack Morgenstein
2006-09-22IB/cm: Do not track remote QPN in timewait stateMichael S. Tsirkin
2006-09-22IB/sa: Require SA registrationMichael S. Tsirkin