path: root/fs/dlm/lowcomms.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-09-30dlm: fix socket fd translationDavid Teigland
2009-09-30dlm: fix lowcomms_connect_node for sctpDavid Teigland
2009-08-24dlm: use kernel_sendpagePaolo Bonzini
2009-08-24dlm: fix connection close handlingLars Marowsky-Bree
2009-08-18dlm: fix double-release of socket in error exit pathCasey Dahlin
2009-07-14dlm: free socket in error exit pathCasey Dahlin
2009-05-15dlm: use more NOFS allocationDavid Teigland
2009-05-15dlm: connect to nodes earlierChristine Caulfield
2009-03-11dlm: replace idr with hash table for connectionsChristine Caulfield
2009-01-28dlm: comment typo fixesJoe Perches
2009-01-28dlm: use ipv6_addr_copyJoe Perches
2008-12-23dlm: remove kmap/kunmapSteven Whitehouse
2008-12-23dlm: fix up memory allocation flagsSteven Whitehouse
2008-07-14dlm: release socket on errorMasatake YAMATO
2008-05-19dlm: tcp_connect_to_sock should check for -EINVAL, not EINVALMarcin Slusarz
2008-05-19dlm: convert connections_lock in a mutexMatthias Kaehlcke
2008-01-29dlm: close otherconsPatrick Caulfeld
2008-01-29dlm: bind connections from known local address when using TCPLon Hohberger
2007-11-07[DLM] lowcomms: Do not muck with sysctl_rmem_max.David S. Miller
2007-10-10[DLM] Make dlm_sendd cond_resched morePatrick Caulfield
2007-10-10[DLM] Fix lowcomms socket closingPatrick Caulfield
2007-08-14[DLM] More othercon fixesPatrick Caulfield
2007-08-14[DLM] zero unused parts of sockaddr_storagePatrick Caulfield
2007-08-14[DLM] Clear othercon pointers when a connection is closedPatrick Caulfield
2007-07-20mm: Remove slab destructors from kmem_cache_create().Paul Mundt
2007-07-09[DLM] Telnet to port 21064 can stop all lockspacesPatrick Caulfield
2007-07-09[DLM] fix socket shutdownPatrick Caulfield
2007-05-01[DLM] lowcomms styleDavid Teigland
2007-05-01[DLM] Lowcomms nodeid range & initialisation fixesPatrick Caulfield
2007-05-01[DLM] Fix dlm_lowcoms_stop hangJosef Bacik
2007-05-01[DLM] Consolidate transport protocolsPatrick Caulfield
2006-11-30[DLM] Add support for tcp communicationsPatrick Caulfield
2006-10-20[DLM] fix iovec length in recvmsgPatrick Caulfield
2006-10-12[DLM] fix iovec length in recvmsgPatrick Caulfield
2006-10-09[PATCH] dlm gfp_t annotationsAl Viro
2006-08-11[DLM] move kmap to after spin_unlockDavid Teigland
2006-06-19[DLM] init rwsem earlierDavid Teigland
2006-05-25[GFS2] Change name due to local_nodeid being a macroSteven Whitehouse
2006-04-28[DLM] PATCH 2/3 dlm: lowcomms closeDavid Teigland
2006-01-18[DLM] The core of the DLM for GFS2/CLVMDavid Teigland