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2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: fix bitfield raceMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: use asynchronous READ requests for readpagesMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: READ request initializationMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: move INIT handling to inode.cMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: add asynchronous request supportMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: add connection abortingMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: add number of waiting requests attributeMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: make fuse connection a kobjectMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: extend semantics of connected flagMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: introduce list for requests under I/OMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: introduce unified request stateMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: miscellaneous cleanupMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: uninline some functionsMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: handle error INIT replyMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: fix request_end()Miklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: fuse_copy_finish() order fixMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] add /sys/fsMiklos Szeredi
2006-01-16[PATCH] partitions: Read Rio Karma partition tableBob Copeland
2006-01-17Make alloc_page_buffers() initialise buffer_heads using init_buffer(),Nathan Scott
2006-01-15Merge git:// Torvalds
2006-01-16[XFS] remove no-longer-needed IS_NOATIME macro, twas just a build workaroundNathan Scott
2006-01-16[XFS] mutex fallout - fix debug builds and remove no-longer-useful comment.Nathan Scott
2006-01-16[XFS] Fix symlink creation too, with respect to initialising SELinuxNathan Scott
2006-01-15Merge git:// Torvalds
2006-01-14[PATCH] Mark some key VFS functions as __always_inlineArjan van de Ven
2006-01-14[PATCH] smbfs: remove kmalloc wrapperPekka Enberg
2006-01-14[PATCH] ncpfs: remove kmalloc wrapperPekka Enberg
2006-01-14[PATCH] quota: make useless quota error message
2006-01-14[PATCH] reiserfs: remove d_splice_alias NULL check from reiserfs_lookupPekka Enberg
2006-01-14[PATCH] isofs: remove d_splice_alias NULL check from isofs_lookupPekka Enberg
2006-01-14[PATCH] ext3: remove d_splice_alias NULL check from ext3_lookupPekka Enberg
2006-01-14[PATCH] ext2: remove d_splice_alias NULL check from ext2_lookupPekka Enberg
2006-01-14[PATCH] Add tmpfs options for memory placement policiesRobin Holt
2006-01-14[PATCH] Unlinline a bunch of other functionsArjan van de Ven
2006-01-14[PATCH] convert /proc/devices to use seq_file interfaceNeil Horman
2006-01-14[PATCH] autofs4 oops fixIan Kent
2006-01-15correct email address of Manfred SpraulChristian Kujau
2006-01-15return statement cleanup - kill pointless parenthesesJesper Juhl
2006-01-14[PATCH] ufs cleanupEvgeniy
2006-01-14Merge ../linux-2.6Paul Mackerras
2006-01-13[PATCH] Fix oops in ufs_fill_super at mount timeEvgeniy
2006-01-13[PATCH] powerpc: Add/remove/update properties in /proc/device-treeDave C Boutcher
2006-01-12Merge git:// Torvalds
2006-01-12[PATCH] Implement ioctl emulation for the parport character deviceAndi Kleen
2006-01-11[PATCH] x86_64: Implement compat code for sg driver SG_GET_REQUEST_TABLE ioctlAndi Kleen
2006-01-11[PATCH] capable/capability.h (fs/)Randy Dunlap
2006-01-11[PATCH] move capable() to capability.hRandy.Dunlap
2006-01-11[PATCH] reiserfs: fix assertion failure in reiserfs+journaled quotasJan Kara
2006-01-11[PATCH] kdump: vmcore compilation warning fixVivek Goyal
2006-01-12Merge HEAD from Nathan Scott